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Leftover Egg Yolks


For last weeks food fair I made about 100 macarons which meant I had A LOT of egg yolks left over.  In Mondays calm after the storm I put on my thinking cap to figure out what to do with the 14 leftover egg yolks in my fridge!  The first decision was to make carbonara for dinner – 3 down.  The next obvious choice was ice cream, people always associate egg yolks with custard, and real home made ice cream.  This was an excellent idea, but I already had a jar of custard left over which I hadn’t needed as a macaron filling.  No matter, it meant I could make ice cream that much quicker – as you saw yesterday!

lime curd 3

One of my favourite toast toppings is lemon curd.  The macarons on sale at my stall were filled with home made lemon curd which I hadn’t really been able to enjoy because it was all needed!  Problem solved, find a recipe that uses only yolks and use them to make more curd.  To mix things up a little I used limes for lime curd and used this recipe (obviously subbing limes for the lemons).  The resulting curd is rich, creamy and tart.  Perfect on a croissant! (more…)


Sugar Paste Flower Tutorial

As promised yesterday, today I’m bringing you a sugar paste flower tutorial.  These flowers are not super realistic but they are pretty and straightforward enough to make that they should make a solid first step on the road to sugar-craft.  Which is exactly the stage I’m at!  As I’m starting to expand my cake baking repertoire and starting to take some cake orders I really want to learn more about sugar craft, so I thought why not take my readers along for the journey too.  Hopefully this way we can all learn something.

 flower 22

Firstly you need to get all of your equipment together.
1. Cornflour; 2. Kitchen roll/paper towel; 3. Small rolling pin; 4. Foam mat; 5. Couple of brushes; 6. Skewer; 7. Non-Stick Mat; 8. Flower Cutters; 9. Edible Glue; 10. Food colouring (I used Wilton Gel Colour); 11. Mini paper cases; 12. Craft knife; 13.Ball modelling tool; 14. Sugar Paste

flower 1

As you’ll see form above I get most of my equipment from Hobbycraft and Lakeland as they both have shops where I live, but online is probably the cheapest option for most things.  Cake Decorating Store kindly sent me a couple of the products used in this post.