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Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

hummus 02

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that as it was summer I was going to make an effort to make a few healthier recipes.  So, following on from that theme I have a healthy and wholesome snack for you.  I’ve made rye bread before, the recipe for which you can find here, but this is a slightly different version I found on the BBC Good Food website for you to try.  The results were not too different, this one had a slightly closer texture but they both have a delicious nutty flavour to them.

rye bread rye bread 1

The roasted red pepper hummus can be eaten with the rye bread or you can be extra healthy a use it as a dip with sliced carrots, leeks and peppers.  I enjoyed mine on some Ryvita crispbreads with tomato and olive oil.  I love chick peas, so hummus has always been a favourite of mine.  It’s so quick as easy to make, as long as you have a blender, that there is really no excuse to buy it when you can make it so easily.  There are lots of flavour layers in this mix.  The roasted peppers add sweetness, the roasted garlic adds warmth and a gentle kick then the lemon zest brightens it all up and rounds the flavours off perfectly. (more…)


Pineapple Relish

pineapple relish

As promised, some pineapple relish to accompany your oatcakes and cheese.  This relish also tastes great on burgers and although we’re now in to Autumn, I spotted some orange leaves yesterday morning, there will definitely be a few more barbecuing opportunities before the year is out.


This is somewhere between a relish and a chutney.  The flavours are fresher than a chutney and deeper than a relish.  It has sweetness from the pineapple, sharpness from the lime and vinegar and a kick from the mustard and chilli.

pineapple relish (more…)

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Black Pepper and Parmesan Oatcakes

IMAG2729It’s time for a little savoury interval around these parts.  Sometimes (rarely) there is such a thing as too much sugar, butter and chocolate and the only thing that will do the trick when your tummy is rumbling is something crunchy and salty.


When in this savoury frame of mind I will most often turn to biscuits and cheese to cure my craving, a favourite bed-time snack in my family.  All types of crackers are welcome – water biscuits, cream crackers, oatcakes – the latter being one of my favourite, paired with creamy brie or a fragrant blue.

Homemade oatcakes were a revelation.  After struggling slightly with my crumbly dough it was completely worth the effort when I crunched in to one of them fresh from the oven.  The background flavour of the parmesan and the kick from the black pepper tastes great even without any topping.  The freshness of the oatcakes seems to be the best part, as good as shop bought oatcakes can be there is just something about them that you didn’t even realise was wrong until you try these.


They taste particularly delicious with sharp cheddar and homemade relish, such as the pineapple relish you can see above, recipe coming at the weekend!

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