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Banana Pancakes for One

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Sometimes you just want to treat yourself to an indulgent breakfast.  Not for a crowd, or a weekend brunch, but just for you! I certainly do.   Pancakes are my favourite breakfast.  In fact, I can say with confidence that I would happily eat them for every meal.

The love affair with pancakes for breakfast began in the USA, during my first time to the country with my family wayyy back in the year 2000 when we visited Florida.  We drive down to the Sizzler most mornings of the week we spent in Orlando where they would make pancakes to order!!  I mean, talk about heaven!  

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My favourite pancake breakfast ever was when I was in New York City in 2007 and my parents treated us all to breakfast in the Waldorf Astoria.  Best blueberry pancakes EVER!  With your order came two small bottles of maple syrup with a custom Waldorf Astoria label, I still have one of them on my souvenir shelf.  Every time I’ve visited the States since that trip to Florida what I have most looked forward to is their breakfasts, which I now frequently recreate at home.

The best thing about this recipe is that it makes the perfect amount for a healthy portion for one, as a brunch.  Served with some crispy grilled bacon and a dousing of maple syrup and you are set up for the day.  Pancakes for one – a genius idea! (more…)

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Currently Loving

banana pancakes 1

This week I’m loving pancakes.  Since moving home a few months ago haven’t made pancakes once!  That is a crime against food that had to be rectified, which I did today by having banana sour cream pancakes with bacon (recipe coming up this week) for brunch  It’s also a perfect recipe for a generous brunch for one, which is how we roll sometimes!

Here are my picks of people who are doing pancakes right.

These chocolate buttermilk pancakes are indulgent enough, but the salted caramel sauce!  I’d be in a blissful sugar coma before 11am.

Adding ricotta is a nice spin on a simple pancake, I also love the abundance of blueberries served with these!

Cupcakes that taste like pancakes!  I’m so in.  The maple cream cheese butter cream sounds to die for.

And if you think that’s good, check out these maple pecan pancake cupcakes.

I couldn’t not mention a pancake recipe from Joy the Baker.  These lemon and berry pancakes are always a hit when I make them.

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