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Lemon & Ginger Quinoa Granola

Quinoa Granola 2

I know, right?  Quinoa granola??  It sounds weird, I understand.  Quinoa is good in a salad or as a side, especially if you can find red quinoa (there is no way I’m ever finding it in Inverness, I’ll need to stock up next time I’m at Wholefoods), but for breakfast?

Quinoa Granola 8

When I’m feeling very virtuous and am on a health kick, I have found myself wondering about making hot quinoa.  Recipes like this and this sound really good, but in reality they take a little getting used to.  I think I tried it once but it wasn’t really doing anything for me.  Adding quinoa to granola is much easier, because it doesn’t effect the flavour in anyway but adds a whole heap of nutrients and some serious crunch.

The flavour comes from the lemon and ginger.  Using freshly grated ginger, along with the ground variety really gives the granola a kick, perfect to wake you up in the morning!  I love dried fruit in my granola as I enjoy the extra sweetness it gives, I just can’t keep my sweet tooth at bay.  Granola can be enjoyed with milk, yogurt, fruit or just by the hearty handful for an afternoon snack/you just happen to be a bit peckish when you pass the jar.


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