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Summer Fruit Pastries

Fruit Pastry 2

Lately I’ve been baking (unfortunately for Ever So Sweet not here), working and watching tennis which hasn’t left a lot of time for blogging.  There are photos piling up on my memory card of recipes waiting to be edited and written about but I’m getting back in to a routine so it’s all good!  Later in the week I’ll post a wee round up of what I’ve baked so far for my small home-baking business and you can let me know what you think 🙂

For now though, I have a wonderfully simple recipe which can be thrown together in minutes to deliver a lovely, light dessert that just screams summer.  All you need is puff pastry (I used ready made *gasp*), marscapone, a lemon and fruit.  A little sugar or honey for a finishing touch would be perfect too.

Fruit Pastry 8 Fruit Pastry 1

I whipped these up one afternoon before a dinner party at a friends.  My mission was to bring a light dessert.  It’s like I have a reputation for making rich, decadent food or something?  I had lot’s of lovely fruit in my fridge along with some marscapone which needed a purpose and pastry generally makes everything better, so these pastries were born!

Fruit Pastry 9

 Fruit Pastry 7

Once roasted the fruit takes on a deep, sweet flavour with a slight caramalised edge.  The tangy marscapone layer brightens the flavours and the flaky pasrty makes for the perfect bed to hold everything.  Put these little pastries together in the morning, leave them in the fridge them bake them off for 10 minutes when you need them later in the evening.  Served with some cold cream or ice cream and you have a delicious summery pudding. (more…)

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Banana, Strawberry & Pistachio Ice Cream

banana strawberry pistachio ice cream 1

I had every intention of posting about healthy peanut butter snack bites today, but it’s just so warm and sunny (I’m writing this from a shady spot in my garden) that ice cream just seemed much more appropriate!

This is healthy ice cream though, so I’m on the same theme at least.  Whilst trawling through Pintrest for summer recipe inspiration, this recipe, or at least variations of it, kept popping up.  Just like whipped coconut cream before it, banana ice cream is the current trend in wholesome eating.  I do enjoy being on trend…even though it happens almost never…so here’s my spin on it!

banana strawberry pistachio ice cream 3 banana strawberry pistachio ice cream 2

If you enjoy a banana based smoothie then you’re going to get on well with banana ice cream.  It is pretty cool how pureeing frozen banana chunks in a blender turns it in to sweet and creamy soft serve ice cream, to which you can add pretty much whatever takes your fancy.  I had strawberries and pistachios on hand, so that’s what was thrown in.  Pictachios lend crunch, and strawberries bright, fresh sweetness. One piece of advice about the strawberries though, cut them smaller than I did if you plan to freeze the ice cream further.  They freeze up much more solid than the banana making the ice cream difficult to scoop and eat.  A fine dice would be perfect.  If you want to serve the ice cream as it comes from the bender, in the soft serve form, just fold in any fruit/nut combination and size of your choice.

Other options could be toasted coconut and chocolate chips, peanut butter swirl, Nutella swirl (I need to make that variation now!) or you could add the strawberries to the blender and blitz them up with the banana.  Ideally you would make this with banana alone, but my food processor couldn’t quite cope with that, it’s only a mini one, so I added half a cup of fat free yogurt to loosen the mixture up but it is optional. (more…)

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Mini Strawberry Cakes

strawberry mini cakes

These little cakes would be just the thing for a girly afternoon tea in the garden.  Everyone does that with their friends right?  Tea in the garden?  Maybe not…even I don’t do that very often, but if there was ever an excuse to call up your friends for a garden party, these are it.

With a hint of strawberry in the sponge, light and creamy frosting and a flower on top, these define summer to a T.  They may even be my Wimbledon cake of choice this year*!

*side note – I’m currently immersed in the French Open, definitely one of my favourite things about ditching the 9-5.   Hopefully I will be just as happy come the  8th of June. Vamos Rafa!

strawberry mini cakes 2 strawberry mini cakes 3

Just to completely go over the top with the summer theme I made these very cute and relatively simple sugarpaste flowers as decoration.  If you want to make your own flower cake toppers there is a post coming up on tomorrow that will guide you through the process step by step.

For a change, I used the all in one sponge recipe.  I was going for quick and easy.  Adding the strawberry was my little twist on the recipe and I’m delighted with the results.  Sweet and fragrant, with little nuggets of strawberries strewn throughout.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! (more…)


Strawberry and Blackberry Crumble Bars

Strawberry & Blackberry Crumble Bars

Crumble is not necessarily the first dessert that comes to mind in late spring.  Although I adore it, when it is warm(er) outside it is normally a refreshing cold dessert or fresh fruit that your taste buds are craving.  These bars solve that problem and make crumble, not only a warm weather friendly dessert, but also portable! Sounds pretty good to me.

These strawberry and blackberry crumble bars have everything that is good about a crumble – crunchy topping, hearty oats, tart fruit – and shove it all atop a chewy, butter shortbread base.  The biscuit base is earning its keep, it bring a lot to the table, so to speak.  Firstly it holds everything together making these perfectly portable and a certain hit at picnics.  Secondly, and to be honest this part was a bit of a surprise to me, the biscuit is texture perfection.  The edges are crisp, as you would expect, but the centre absorbs some of the fruit juices meaning it bakes up slightly chewy.  Wonderful!

strawberry crumble bars 1

 strawberry crumble bars 2

This recipe could be adapted all throughout the year too, to reflect whatever fruit is on hand.  Even in the summer there are a multitude of different fruits that would work really well.  Peaches, nectarines or apricots would turn soft and sweet, even if they are a little under-ripe the heat will sort them right out.  You would also substitute any other berries, or add some rhubarb.  Apple in the autumn?  Mincemeat at Christmas?  This is a hardworking recipe, definitely a keeper! (more…)


Rhubarb & Ginger Scones for TSA

rhubarb ginger scones 11

Welcome to my stop on the TSA (Tuberous Sclerosis Association) Tea and SCones Blog Party!  The TSA raise money, awareness and provide information about Tuberous Sclerosis Complex:

‘An estimated 1 million people world-wide have TSC.   Some will be diagnosed with TSC very early in life whilst others may not be diagnosed until later childhood, adolescence or adulthood….’

– more information can be found on their website.


rhubarb ginger scones 12

rhubarb ginger scones 10

As their fundraising theme this year is Tea and Scones, I couldn’t contribute anything other than a scone recipe to the blog tour and I promise you this recipe does not disappoint.  My mum even told me they were the best scones I have ever made!  I must admit they are damn good.  A crisp sugar crusted top with a tender middle, the little chunks of rhubarb provide a soft, tart bites and the sweet candied stem ginger lifts makes the flavours sing!  I know, it sounds like I’m gushing about scones but really, make them.

rhubarb ginger scones 09

Me in my lovely pink t-shirt! (more…)


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