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Blueberry & Almond Cake

blueberry almond cake 3

A recipe!  I know, it’s a shock to my system as well.  A recipe for blueberry and almond cake to be precise.  I’m feeling all inspired at the moment as I’ve just spent my Tesco vouchers on two new cookbooks.  One I have been meaning to buy for months, maybe even years, and the other is a new book from Jamie Oliver Food Tube range.  The first was the third in the Hummingbird Bakery range called Home Sweet Home.  I love those cookbooks, everything always turns out perfectly and the recipes are delicious.  Inspired by the first episode of the Great British Bake Off the first recipe I am going to attempt is for a Swiss roll…which I’ve never actually made before.

blueberry almond cake 6

Jamie’s Food Tube: The Cake Book is written by Cupcake Jemma  of Crumbs & Doilies and so far it seems like a great wee find.  The first chapter covers basic cakes as well as things you might need to spice up your cupcakes such as infused milk, marshmallow frosting, caramel and fruit filling.  The remaining chapters are split in to seasons and there are some great cupcake ideas in there.  Topping my must make list so far are popcorn cupcakes and Jamaican gingerbread layer cake.  (more…)

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Strawberry Ripple Ice Cream

strawberry ripple 3

It’s summer.  Everyone is smiling because the sun is out and the days are long and warm.  The town is bustling with tourists excitedly photographing anything and everything, wandering in to the road when I’m trying to drive places…but that’s ok because I have my windows down and am blasting some happy-go-lucky pop-punk.

strawberry ripple 2

As if all of that wasn’t enough, the Commonwealth Games kicked off last night in Glasgow.  Living in Glasgow over the past year or so, build up to the games has been everywhere.  Posters, press, topic of conversation….the anticipation was high.  In some ways I’m a little sad that I’m not living there at the moment to truly feel part of the excitement, but I have a feeling that living less than a mile from one of the major stadiums would have gotten tiresome on day two of my work commute!  I have tickets to two events so I think I’m getting the best of both worlds, experiencing the atmosphere of the athetics (200m final and the 4x100mm relay finals!) whilst watching the rest of it from a comfortable distance away.  I’ve already been enjoying the swimming (Michael Jamieson in particular!) this morning – you really can’t beat watching sport! (more…)

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Banana, Strawberry & Pistachio Ice Cream

banana strawberry pistachio ice cream 1

I had every intention of posting about healthy peanut butter snack bites today, but it’s just so warm and sunny (I’m writing this from a shady spot in my garden) that ice cream just seemed much more appropriate!

This is healthy ice cream though, so I’m on the same theme at least.  Whilst trawling through Pintrest for summer recipe inspiration, this recipe, or at least variations of it, kept popping up.  Just like whipped coconut cream before it, banana ice cream is the current trend in wholesome eating.  I do enjoy being on trend…even though it happens almost never…so here’s my spin on it!

banana strawberry pistachio ice cream 3 banana strawberry pistachio ice cream 2

If you enjoy a banana based smoothie then you’re going to get on well with banana ice cream.  It is pretty cool how pureeing frozen banana chunks in a blender turns it in to sweet and creamy soft serve ice cream, to which you can add pretty much whatever takes your fancy.  I had strawberries and pistachios on hand, so that’s what was thrown in.  Pictachios lend crunch, and strawberries bright, fresh sweetness. One piece of advice about the strawberries though, cut them smaller than I did if you plan to freeze the ice cream further.  They freeze up much more solid than the banana making the ice cream difficult to scoop and eat.  A fine dice would be perfect.  If you want to serve the ice cream as it comes from the bender, in the soft serve form, just fold in any fruit/nut combination and size of your choice.

Other options could be toasted coconut and chocolate chips, peanut butter swirl, Nutella swirl (I need to make that variation now!) or you could add the strawberries to the blender and blitz them up with the banana.  Ideally you would make this with banana alone, but my food processor couldn’t quite cope with that, it’s only a mini one, so I added half a cup of fat free yogurt to loosen the mixture up but it is optional. (more…)

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Strawberry and Lime Frozen Yogurt


Fear not, just one more healthy recipe before the butter levels increase significantly in strawberry week.  Still to come is strawberry cupcakes, strawberry tarts and a bonus recipe resulting from the two extremely ripe bananas in my fruit bowl, strawberry and banana loaf.


You really don’t miss it in this recipe though, I mean not even I want butter in ice cream.  This frozen yogurt tastes like a summer party in your mouth, I promise.  It is incredibly simple, even more so if,  unlike me,  you’re fancy and have an ice cream maker but that is certainly not essential.