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Orange and Lavender Simple Syrup

orange lavender syrup 3

Wayyy back when I first started this blog, in my second post, I promised to make this recipe.  Well, I stuck to my word…maybe it took a little longer than I expected it to, but I got there in the end.

orange lavender syrup

To be honest, before now it just didn’t seem appropriate to post this recipe.  The best use for the simple syrup is a simple cold beverage, which is best enjoyed in the garden on a gloriously hot day.  We are now in the middle of a heat wave, well some parts of the UK are anyway, and now this recipe is perfect!  (well that is some amount of nonsense to justify my procrastination)

orange lavender syrup 4

It’s basically like making homemade  fancy fruit cordial.  I’m going to have to think up some other flavours to try out, I’m thinking blueberry and lime or something like that! (more…)

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A Very Green Smoothie


It’s a new week and as all new weeks come with good intentions, I bring you a smoothie.  An extremely green smoothie at that.  Don’t be put off though, it tastes delicious, and the (not so) hidden spinach in there will do your body good without you even noticing you’re drinking a vegetable!


My weekend was a much needed recharge, after a rather stressful week, and was filled with lots of food (always), long walks (which resulted in my being  slightly afraid for my life), shopping (pay day weekend) and a nostalgic concert (McFly!).


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