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I’m currently working my way through the A Beautiful Mess crash course ‘How to Write & Pitch a Book Proposal’.  There is a lot of good info in there and for £5 it’s a steal!  I know a book is a bit ambitious but you gotta dream big and be prepared!

As I mentioned in this post, I’m loving the Easter baking speckled egg trend.  This cake is beautiful.

Coconut and chocolate is ALWAYS good.

Spring time means new dresses.  This one and this one are on my shopping list.

Love this site and this article.  I look forward to living alone!

Reason number 2873 I wish I lived in California…Avocados.

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Currently Loving


A new feature here.  I see so much to inspire me around the internet/foodie/blogging world, so I just want to give a shout out to the people making awesome things online.

// a lovely way to celebrate spring with some unusually displayed tulips

// Sweet Society has been relaunched and is now an even better source for recipes, check it out.

// any excuse to eat rhubarb.  These little tarts look delicious.

// excellent reading if you’re after baking tips.

// a recipe that makes french toast faster and easier?  I’m in.


Weekend In Paris


Paris is a beautiful city.  I know, this is common knowledge, but it really is  The last time I was in Paris I was twelve and I don’t have the clearest memories of it (although I should because twelve is not young, but I have the worst memory ever!), I think I was more concerned with visiting Disneyland, which I remember very clearly indeed.


We were in Paris for four days, two of which were spent at Roland Garros, the tennis French Open.  The other two were partly travelling days but we were able to make the most of them with some sight-seeing.


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My Favourite Cookbooks

I am becoming a fiend for cookbooks.  If I had the space I would have many more but sadly, or happily for my wallet,  sharing a flat means I’m confined to one shelf.


Often I’m bad for being enticed by the pretty pictures and fancy layout but the books below I find myself going back to again and again and have definitely been value for money, although looking at them now I realise only bought myself one of them!


The Crabapple Bakery Cupcake Cookbook
Jennifer Graham

This is the cookbook that really started it all, in particular my obsession with cupcakes! It was a birthday (maybe my 2oth, but it was clearly so long ago I forget) present from one of my best friends and provided me with my favourite vanilla cupcake recipe.  Peoples reaction to these little cakes helped me realise that I was actually quite a good baker and that I want to bake for a living…so an important book all in all!

Favourite Recipe: Vanilla Cupcakes/Coconut Cupcakes


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