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banana pancakes 1

This week I’m loving pancakes.  Since moving home a few months ago haven’t made pancakes once!  That is a crime against food that had to be rectified, which I did today by having banana sour cream pancakes with bacon (recipe coming up this week) for brunch  It’s also a perfect recipe for a generous brunch for one, which is how we roll sometimes!

Here are my picks of people who are doing pancakes right.

These chocolate buttermilk pancakes are indulgent enough, but the salted caramel sauce!  I’d be in a blissful sugar coma before 11am.

Adding ricotta is a nice spin on a simple pancake, I also love the abundance of blueberries served with these!

Cupcakes that taste like pancakes!  I’m so in.  The maple cream cheese butter cream sounds to die for.

And if you think that’s good, check out these maple pecan pancake cupcakes.

I couldn’t not mention a pancake recipe from Joy the Baker.  These lemon and berry pancakes are always a hit when I make them.

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Summer is here!  Well….at the very least June is here.  The sun is out, tennis is on the TV and there are strawberries in my fridge.  Time for ice cream!  A Coke float has been on my mind aaall week.  I NEED to make one this weekend, they are so tasty and remind me a lot of my childhood.

On a healthier ice cream making note, banana ice cream actually sounds really delicious.

Not only does roasted blueberry ice cream sound divine, but how pretty is it?!

The honey and sea salt combination sounds super classy, and it’s such a simple recipe.

 A truly decadent summer dessert.  Also, I love the Sugar Hit blog!


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 dougnuts 1


This week I’m loving doughnuts.  Mostly in anticipation of my trip to Manchester this weekend, and what do they have in Manchester?  Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  Y.U.M.  They are my absolute favourite doughnuts and I can’t wait to get my paws on a box of three.  Two simple glazed and one raspberry filled.  I have a simple doughnut palette but simple is best in this case.

That fine looking doughnut above was made my me, using this recipe.  I tackled the challenge of frying them, and it wasn’t as scary or stressful as I expected!  They are cake doughnuts, rather than the yeasted variety, that’s the next challenge!

Churros in doughnut form? Gimme!

These pretty raspberry doughnuts would be lovely for a summer picnic. (p.s. I love the look of these mini cherry pies too

Loving everything about these ombre doughnuts.  The boxes and labels are super cute.

Nutella doughnuts.  Enough said!


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It’s Eurovision weekend!  There will be a themed party at mine with my Eurovision geek besties…there will be homemade scorecards….and these doughnuts.  I know they’re not European but it’s the perfect excuse to try them for the first time.  Hear how it goes next week!  Oh, and above is the best ever entrant, Celine back in 1988.

Pretzel pie base!  Yes please.

I’ve got an old set of drawers that need a new lease of life, I’m deciding between this, this or this. And I found some awesome tips here.

This salad looks like it would be completely delicious and satisfying, perfect as summer approaches.

Next week I’m taking part in the Tea and Scones Blog Party with TSA, Tuberous Sclerosis Association, details can be found here.  My post will be featured on Wednesday with four other lovely bloggers posting Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.


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Currently loving 1[source]


Great interview on Honestly, Yum with one of my favourite food bloggers.

This cake looks like a perfect vehicle getting summer berries in to my tummy!

Simple but delicious looking doughnuts, I need to dust off the doughnut pan and order some sprinkles.

This post makes me miss Glasgow!  And great outfit as always.

Gotta love a Buzzfeed quiz!  Although I wasn’t happy with the result, I knew I should’ve rigged it to get Seth Cohen.

Must try this cake over the summer.

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