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Spiced Apple Cupcakes

spiced caramelised apple cupcakes 4

It’s well and truly autumn now. Great news for me as it’s by far my favourite season.  I adore the colour of the leaves at this time or year, and in a much more shallow way, I love my autumn wardrobe.  You get to wear scarves and hats, yet not freeze your butt off.  It’s cool enough for cosy winter coats and the nights are not too dark.

It’s also an opportunity to change up the ingredients in my baking.  Spices play a heavy roll.  Using dark brown sugars and treacle always seems like the right move.  Pumpkins a plenty!  Apples and pears also feature heavily.  These cupcakes incorporate most of the above with a hint of spice and chunks of caramelised apple throughout.

spiced caramelised apple cupcakes 2

These spiced apple cupcakes encapsulate the season in a bite.  They are simple to make and don’t have the fuss or over-the-top sweetness of buttercream icing. They are light and moist with a cinnamon crunch on top thanks to the generous sprinkling of sugar atop the sliced apples.  This recipe would work equally well with pears and is a great way to use up any that you find that just won’t ripen up in your fruit bowl.  (more…)

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Peach Melba Cupcakes

Peach Melba Cupcakes 1

If you’re from the Inverness area you may have noticed that I am feautred in the Highland News, a local newspaper, this month.  As of this weeks edition I am their new monthly baking columnist!  I’m really excited to see my recipe out there in print and hopefully everyone who can has picked up a copy to check it out, and if you have then thank you!

peach melba 6

Here in Inverness we have been treated to some proper summer weather lately so for my first recipe I chose two scrumptious summer fruits, both perfectly ripe at this time of year, and brought them together in the cupcake version of a retro dessert….peach melba!

I absolutely love baked peaches, nectarines and apricots.  They flavour of the fruit becomes so intense and the texture is so soft, it’s just wonderful!  The chunks of raspberry cut through the sweetness nicely to give the perfectly balanced cupcake. (more…)


Banana Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting

banana chocolate cupcakes 2

One of my first attempts at chocolate and banana cupcakes wasn’t quite as successful as the delightful looking treats you see here today.  I had brought some round to my friend Johns house for us to no doubt enjoy with a cup of tea…soggy is the word that springs to mind.  It didn’t help that I’d carried them around in a plastic tupperware box all day.  Wet, slimy chocolate frosting on top of overly moist banana cupcakes….not pretty.  I daresay they tasted fine, they were certainly eaten up, but nice to look at they weren’t. (more…)

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Peanut Butter and Jam Muffins

peanut butter and jam muffins 8

I love peanut butter.  This has been clearly documented on this blog here, here and here.  It took me until I was in my twenties before I really got in to peanut butter, I think it was about the time I realised I could turn it in to buttercream frosting…go figure!  Pairing peanut butter with jam (jelly) is a classic American snack, but it’s just not really a thing here in the UK.  I must say that it is actually pretty good, if you find that peanut butter is just a bit too dry on its own (you know the way it sticks to your mouth when you eat it?) then adding jam really is the answer.

peanut butter and jam muffins 10

These muffins were baked after searching the cupboards for inspiration.  There wasn’t enough chocolate for cookies, no berries for cupcakes, no over ripe bananas for bread and then I found the peanut butter and a jar of homemade jam…perfect!

peanut butter and jam muffins 9

I made a few minor tweaks to the recipe so suit what I had on hand and they turned out really great.  The yogurt helps keep them moist and the wholemeal flour adds texture and makes you feel like you’re doing some healthy eating.  Pat yourself on the back, the muffins are totally good for you…sorta, maybe, not.  Either way, they’re good and are WONDERFUL snack food. (more…)


12 Days of Christmas – Gingerbread Cupcakes

gingerbread cupcakes 6

Gingerbread is one of my favourite types of cake.  I’m not even that fussy about it being homemade, McVitie’s Jamaica Ginger Cake is amazing with a spread of butter on top.  Home baked is best though, especially when paired with this nutty, caramel-y brown butter frosting – delicious!

gingerbread cupcakes 4

I baked these cupcakes this past weekend for the Glasgow Baking Club Christmas meet up, which was a very lovely Sunday afternoon round at Bex beautiful flat!  It was just a small gathering of us this week but that made for a cosy chat around the kitchen table with good laughs and great cake. It was fun to see some of Bex decorations in ‘real life’ too after reading about them on her blog, they looked fab!

gingerbread cupcakes 1

My favourite part about these cute little cakes is the way they look.  I spotted those tartan cupcake cases in Paperchase last week and snapped them up right away.  The only problem with the dark gingerbread is that you don’t pick up on the tartan too well, next time I would probably double line them with a white coloured case first so the tartan would show up better. (more…)


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