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Banana Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting

banana chocolate cupcakes 2

One of my first attempts at chocolate and banana cupcakes wasn’t quite as successful as the delightful looking treats you see here today.  I had brought some round to my friend Johns house for us to no doubt enjoy with a cup of tea…soggy is the word that springs to mind.  It didn’t help that I’d carried them around in a plastic tupperware box all day.  Wet, slimy chocolate frosting on top of overly moist banana cupcakes….not pretty.  I daresay they tasted fine, they were certainly eaten up, but nice to look at they weren’t. (more…)

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Chocolate Pistachio Biscuits

chocolate pistachio biscuits 4

In contrast to the complicated croissants, here we have some simple biscuits.  Chocolate and pistachios are a favourite flavour combination of mine, particularly with a little sprinkling of sea salt to set the whole thing off, yum!

chocolate pistachio biscuits 5

These slice and bake biscuits come from a gorgeous, and relatively new, cookbook of mine called ‘A La Mere de Famille’ and is a collection of stories and recipes from a French chocolatier.  It’s a beautiful book to look at and filled with lovely sweets, cakes and biscuits, but the two sections I’m most looking forward to diving in to are ‘Jams and Spreads’ and ‘Recipes from the Ice-cream Maker’.  Crunchy chocolate almond spread is definitely in my future and as soon as summer hits I’m making Chocolate-Caramel Popsicles (which seem to be like posh Magnums). (more…)


Croissants & Cake

croissants 5

Croissants and cake sums up my week of baking.  Also, fail and win.

cake 2

Not every bake is a success.  I’ve burned pies, curdled buttercream and my crepes usually turn in to a pale sloppy mess.  That’s ok though.  None of us are perfect…shocking I know…we have to learn somehow and in baking I think the best way to learn is to just give it a go. (more…)


Dark Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread 5

With the start of a new year people are often inspired to try new things, make new resolutions, start new habits.  It’s equally a good and bad time to do this.  It feels like a fresh start, twelve months ahead of you to plan and map out and to put behind you anything from the previous year you may want to forget.

This is all great, but the problem is January is a bit of a long and dreary month and it can be difficult to carry the momentum from January’s first few days right through to the 31st.  I haven’t really made any resolutions this year, nothing specific anyway.  A few people have talked about intentions for the year ahead, which I like because it doesn’t feel like a box to check off (as much as I enjoy a list) and it’s less a matter of potential failure and more about trying to fulfill that intention.

To help me through January I have a few new things of my own:

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Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies


I confess it has taken me much longer to get back to blogging in 2014 than I intended.  Better late than never though, and I have planned a few more bakes for the weekend (perhaps with an Australian Open theme!).  The finals will be watched at my friends new flat and as the tennis starts at about 8am on a Sunday morning, a sugary breakfast is most definitely in order.


There has been some baking going on in my household though, it just wasn’t quite blog worthy – a cake that I just couldn’t make look nice enough to photograph under lights and granola bars that ended up more like regular granola…

Then yesterday I spotted a simple but tasty looking recipe on the Clara Persis blog (you should check out her site, it’s full of beautiful life inspiration and wise entrepreneurial words).  I had all the ingredients for the cookies on hand so I gave them a go, ease myself back in to baking and blogging gently. (more…)

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