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Peach Melba Cupcakes

Peach Melba Cupcakes 1

If you’re from the Inverness area you may have noticed that I am feautred in the Highland News, a local newspaper, this month.  As of this weeks edition I am their new monthly baking columnist!  I’m really excited to see my recipe out there in print and hopefully everyone who can has picked up a copy to check it out, and if you have then thank you!

peach melba 6

Here in Inverness we have been treated to some proper summer weather lately so for my first recipe I chose two scrumptious summer fruits, both perfectly ripe at this time of year, and brought them together in the cupcake version of a retro dessert….peach melba!

I absolutely love baked peaches, nectarines and apricots.  They flavour of the fruit becomes so intense and the texture is so soft, it’s just wonderful!  The chunks of raspberry cut through the sweetness nicely to give the perfectly balanced cupcake. (more…)


Sugar Paste Flower Tutorial

As promised yesterday, today I’m bringing you a sugar paste flower tutorial.  These flowers are not super realistic but they are pretty and straightforward enough to make that they should make a solid first step on the road to sugar-craft.  Which is exactly the stage I’m at!  As I’m starting to expand my cake baking repertoire and starting to take some cake orders I really want to learn more about sugar craft, so I thought why not take my readers along for the journey too.  Hopefully this way we can all learn something.

 flower 22

Firstly you need to get all of your equipment together.
1. Cornflour; 2. Kitchen roll/paper towel; 3. Small rolling pin; 4. Foam mat; 5. Couple of brushes; 6. Skewer; 7. Non-Stick Mat; 8. Flower Cutters; 9. Edible Glue; 10. Food colouring (I used Wilton Gel Colour); 11. Mini paper cases; 12. Craft knife; 13.Ball modelling tool; 14. Sugar Paste

flower 1

As you’ll see form above I get most of my equipment from Hobbycraft and Lakeland as they both have shops where I live, but online is probably the cheapest option for most things.  Cake Decorating Store kindly sent me a couple of the products used in this post. 



Mini Strawberry Cakes

strawberry mini cakes

These little cakes would be just the thing for a girly afternoon tea in the garden.  Everyone does that with their friends right?  Tea in the garden?  Maybe not…even I don’t do that very often, but if there was ever an excuse to call up your friends for a garden party, these are it.

With a hint of strawberry in the sponge, light and creamy frosting and a flower on top, these define summer to a T.  They may even be my Wimbledon cake of choice this year*!

*side note – I’m currently immersed in the French Open, definitely one of my favourite things about ditching the 9-5.   Hopefully I will be just as happy come the  8th of June. Vamos Rafa!

strawberry mini cakes 2 strawberry mini cakes 3

Just to completely go over the top with the summer theme I made these very cute and relatively simple sugarpaste flowers as decoration.  If you want to make your own flower cake toppers there is a post coming up on tomorrow that will guide you through the process step by step.

For a change, I used the all in one sponge recipe.  I was going for quick and easy.  Adding the strawberry was my little twist on the recipe and I’m delighted with the results.  Sweet and fragrant, with little nuggets of strawberries strewn throughout.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! (more…)


Banana, Peanut Butter & Cranberry Muffins

Banana Peanut Butter and Cranberry Muffins 1

I never realised how much I enjoy muffins until now.  This will be my fifth muffin recipe in eight months (six if you include English Muffins), which is quite a lot I think!  I think the main appeal is that you can legitimately eat them for breakfast even though oftentimes they are basically cake.  Cake for breakfast. Win!

Banana Peanut Butter and Cranberry Muffins 4 Banana Peanut Butter and Cranberry Muffins 2

These are dressed up as a slightly healthier option though.  Lots of protein courtesy of the peanut butter and bananas.  Wholewheat flour for goodness.  Only a quarter of a cup of sugar for twelve muffins and the option for no fat!  Yogurt is added for body and moisture, you can choose to use 0% fat or low fat or even full fat if you don’t give a damn about that sort of thing.  If that’s you’re attitude, I applaud you.  For a little additional sweetness I added in some dried cranberries.  Think peanut butter and jam, it really works.  Chocolate would also work (when doesn’t it) in the form of chips or chunks.  You choose and customise as you please. (more…)

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Happy Birthday Bake Good!

It’s my birthday!  Well, it’s the blogs birthday anyway.  One year ago today I hit publish on my first post and I must confess that I wasn’t completely confident it would still be going now.  I had wanted to start a blog for a while, and have always enjoyed it, but I am the master of starting something and never finishing it, or not seeing it through.  A major flaw but look at me now, 12 months and 98 posts later and we’re still here.

A lot has happened since Bake Good was born – I’ve had a lovely trip to Paris, won the Borders Biscuits competition, found ways to put peanut butter in to everything, quit my job, moved home and working on setting up my own business.  A good combination of fun and scary.

chamomile cupcakes

My first post was for Chamomile Cupcake with Honey and Lemon Icing, which I took along to my second Glasgow Baking Club meet up.  One of the many things I miss about Glasgow is the lovely ladies from the club  They have a cheese themed meet up tomorrow and I’m super jealous not to be involved, enjoy everyone!

ombre cake

So to celebrate turning 1 I’m going to eat the last slice of this cake I made at the weekend.  Thanks to everyone who reads my blabberings, who has tried my recipes, who has taste tested my recipes pre-posting and to everyone who has taken the time to leave a comment.  I thank you and here’s to another year!

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