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Popcorn Granola Bars


For a baking blog I sure don’t seem to be doing a lot of baking recently, BUT there is a long weekend up ahead and I’m heading north to visit my parents so there will be plenty going on soon!

Granola bars are my at work, morning dip pick me up.  I’m a creature of habit, so at 10:30 exactly I’m looking for my second cup of tea and a cereal bar to tide me over until lunch.  This week whilst doing my weekly food shop I decided I should try to make my own , rather than buy my usual (annoyingly expensive when not on offer) favourites.


The added bonus of making these bars is the left over popcorn!


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A Very Green Smoothie


It’s a new week and as all new weeks come with good intentions, I bring you a smoothie.  An extremely green smoothie at that.  Don’t be put off though, it tastes delicious, and the (not so) hidden spinach in there will do your body good without you even noticing you’re drinking a vegetable!


My weekend was a much needed recharge, after a rather stressful week, and was filled with lots of food (always), long walks (which resulted in my being  slightly afraid for my life), shopping (pay day weekend) and a nostalgic concert (McFly!).


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