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Chocolate Pistachio Biscuits

chocolate pistachio biscuits 4

In contrast to the complicated croissants, here we have some simple biscuits.  Chocolate and pistachios are a favourite flavour combination of mine, particularly with a little sprinkling of sea salt to set the whole thing off, yum!

chocolate pistachio biscuits 5

These slice and bake biscuits come from a gorgeous, and relatively new, cookbook of mine called ‘A La Mere de Famille’ and is a collection of stories and recipes from a French chocolatier.  It’s a beautiful book to look at and filled with lovely sweets, cakes and biscuits, but the two sections I’m most looking forward to diving in to are ‘Jams and Spreads’ and ‘Recipes from the Ice-cream Maker’.  Crunchy chocolate almond spread is definitely in my future and as soon as summer hits I’m making Chocolate-Caramel Popsicles (which seem to be like posh Magnums). (more…)


Healthy Macaroons

healthy macaroons 3

Getting through a workday without my 11am cereal bar is all but impossible.  No matter what I eat breakfast never fills me up until lunch, I seem to have a crazy fast metabolism (which I am eternally thankful for, imagine what size I’d be if I didn’t!).  Shop bought cereal bars or granola bars are usually my go-to, which is bad, I know, with all their unnecessary sugar and fat, but they are so convenient and tasty – Tracker bars and Nature Valley granola bars being my favourite.  In my defence, every attempt at granola bars has ended in…well, granola, so shop bought it is!

healthy macaroons 7

A couple of weekends ago when on a mega baking kick, I wanted a little respite from all of the butter and sugar, when I found these.  They are truly delicious.  You don’t feel remotely short changed by the wholesome and mostly healthy ingredients.  They are sweet, soft, a little chewy and they definitely feel like a treat, I’ve made two batches since discovering the recipe already! (more…)


Grapefruit Sandwich Cookies

grapefruit cookies 2

So these cookies are a little late, but it doesn’t need to be Valentines Day to tell someone you love them, especially if you have cookies!  I made these last week for the latest Baking Club meet up, which was held in the Waverley Tearooms – who were very friendly and accommodating of us.

grapefruit cookies 3

There was about nine or ten of us this month and there was, as always, a delicious array of baking.  It all tasted delicious, one of my favourites was Bex’s cheesy apple hearts…cheese, pastry and apple…what’s not to love!

I made these delicate grapefruit sandwich cookies – sweet and light with just the right amount of citrus-y tang.  I added the white chocolate hearts because…well, it was Valentines Day after all!

grapefruit cookies 7

grapefruit cookies 5


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