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Maison Blanc Easter Biscuits

lemon and poppyseed shortbread 2

Almost a year ago, I entered a blogger Easter biscuit competition run by a London based patisserie called Maison Blancpost here.  They were simple, but delicious, lemon and poppy seed shortbread biscuits with pastel royal icing decoration to look a bit like pretty speckled eggs.  Well, they won that competition and were on sale in the Maison Blanc shops in and around London!  (more…)


Valentine’s Biscuits (with a twist!) – Guest Post


Today I would like to welcome my very first guest blogger to Ever So Sweet!  Thanks to the wonders of Facebook I have discovered a fellow northern foodie in Melanie from Melanie’s Food Adventures.  Pop on over to her blog for lots of family cooking inspiration and delicious looking treats – her most recent post for Maple Pecan Bars sounds delicious!  As soon as Melanie suggested oyster shaped biscuits for Valentine’s Day I knew that was the one.  It made me chuckle and is a great alternative to pink, red and hearts.  So…over to Melanie for the recipe!

I’ve had so much fun making these, I genuinely smiled while baking them! Thank you to Kirsty for asking me to write a piece for her blog, I’ve loved baking these!!


 Perhaps I should start with a little bit about me & my blog. My name is Melanie, and I live in a small village in Aberdeenshire with my husband and 3 year old son. Last year I decided I start my blog, after getting to the stage where I worried that I was boring friends on Facebook with all my baking pictures! So I decided to create somewhere where I could record everything and let people visit who had an equal love of baking (and sprinkles!). (more…)


Pistachio Biscuits


One of these pistachio biscuits could disappear in two bites…or about 5 seconds.  This is both good and bad.  It’s a sign they taste really good but it also means its’s very hard to stop at one.  The are delicately flavoured with pistachios in the biscuit itself, then liberally coated on the edges.  The pistachio crust makes these otherwise plain biscuits something special.  The green tinged jagged edge, studded with the odd salt flake just looks beautiful.


This recipe comes from the Biscuiteers blog.  They reached out to me recently and asked if I would try one of their recipes and share it with you guys.  Of course, I have added my own spin to the biscuits, mostly to make them faster and easier to bake.  The Biscuiteers provide gift boxes of the more beautifully iced biscuits ever!  Have a look at their site…some of the designs they have come up with in royal icing are quite spectacular. (more…)


Peanut Butter Granola Bars – Guest Post on The Worktop


Happy New Year to all!  Is it still ok to say that?  We’re just passed a fortnight in to January so I may be pushing but let’s just throw caution to the wind.  How is twenty-fifteen treating everyone so far?  I’m struggling to cope because I am currently diary-less!  It’s not fun.  There are plans to be made, lists to be written and appointments to be scheduled!  My order of a brand new ‘brilliant violet’ Moleskine Daily Diary has gone missing…sad times.  They have finally agreed to resend the diary so hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be back on track!


So todays post is has a good new year, new start vibe to it.  A healthy recipe to brighten up those diets, detoxes or healthy eating kicks we’re all on and a new friend!  Making new blogging friends will be going on my list of intentions for 2015 (which I obviously can’t write yet because I don’t have a diary to write them in!) and thanks to the Blogger Cookie Swap I took part in last year I discovered a beautiful breakfast blog based in London called The Worktop.  Tina runs the blog dedicated to yummy breakfast recipes and great breakfast and brunch spots in London, a source I will be referring to the next time I’m in town for sure!  (more…)

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Coconut and Lime Shortbread

coconut lime shortbread 4

I’m going a little biscuit and cookie crazy over here.  For some reason I’m really in the mood to make cookies rather than cakes.  Perhaps I’m being lazy?  Cookies are quicker and easier to make than cakes and cupcakes.  It may be due to the fact that my job is now to bake cakes so baking them for myself isn’t quite as appealing as before…although worry not, it is still oh-so-appealing!

Whatever the reason I am not complaining.  These cookies are not quite as seasonal as the Spiced Treacle Cookies but lime and coconut are never actually in season in Scotland so they are really all year round biscuits.  They will be perfect for those moments when it’s cold and wet outside and you want a little reminder of your tropical holiday, all wrapped up in a butter, sweet shortbread biscuit.

coconut lime shortbread 1

This coconut and lime shortbread is melt in the mouth and packed full of flavour. To make the most of the lime, I recommend working the zest in to the sugar with the back of a spoon until you’re left with green and fragrant lime sugar (as discussed here). This method releases the natural oils of the zest and maximises the zingy citrus flavour and can be used in most recipes which include zests such as scones, cupcakes or more shortbread. (more…)


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