Hello!  I’m Kirsty, welcome to my little space on the inter web.

Here at the Ever So Sweet Blog you will find a collection of my favourite delicious recipes, most of which are sweet, baked and laden with butter and sugar.

I love baking. Whether it’s creating new recipes combining my favourite flavours or trying delicious treats found in one of my many cookbooks or favourite blogs. I especially love sharing what I’ve baked with friends and family (eating my fair share myself of course!) which is what led me to open my own home baking business (coincidentally also called Ever So Sweet) earlier in the year.  It’s still early days but I’m getting busier all the time so hopefully I can call myself a successful baker sooner than later.

food fair 1

This blog is for me to keep track of what I’ve baked, successfully or otherwise, and to hopefully help you guys tackle some new recipes or discover new flavour ideas.  I hope to share my own recipes, some recipes I love or have adapted, whilst also pushing myself to try out bakes I have never attempted before (which is mostly bread) as well as working my way through the backlog of cookbooks I have piling up on my shelves that I haven’t baked nearly enough from!  There will also be an abundance of recipes that include banana, because baked goods are always better with banana!

Other than baking, my favourite things include gigs with friends,  Nutella, cats, watching tennis, eating (obviously), American teen dramas that I’m too old for, pearls and the beach.

So stay a while, enjoy and please feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments!