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This week I’m loving pancakes.  Since moving home a few months ago haven’t made pancakes once!  That is a crime against food that had to be rectified, which I did today by having banana sour cream pancakes with bacon (recipe coming up this week) for brunch  It’s also a perfect recipe for a generous brunch for one, which is how we roll sometimes!

Here are my picks of people who are doing pancakes right.

These chocolate buttermilk pancakes are indulgent enough, but the salted caramel sauce!  I’d be in a blissful sugar coma before 11am.

Adding ricotta is a nice spin on a simple pancake, I also love the abundance of blueberries served with these!

Cupcakes that taste like pancakes!  I’m so in.  The maple cream cheese butter cream sounds to die for.

And if you think that’s good, check out these maple pecan pancake cupcakes.

I couldn’t not mention a pancake recipe from Joy the Baker.  These lemon and berry pancakes are always a hit when I make them.

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