12 Days of Christmas – Homemade Cards


Generally when it comes to Christmas I’m not at all organised.  This year I’m pretty impressed with myself, I’ve got all of my presents bought, wrapped and most of my homemade presents are finished.  Now all that’s left to do is count the days I have left of work before the holidays – ONE DAY LEFT!


Whilst we’re on the subject of present wrapping I wanted to show you the theme I went with this year.  As mentioned in the last Mid-week Moment post the colour scheme was gold and white, a change from my usual red and white.  It was the tags that inspired the whole look, which were bought in Fortnum and Mason, only to be found a few weeks later much cheaper in John Lewis, where I found the wrapping paper.  I was delighted when I spotted the wrapping paper because it is exactly what I wanted.  The only problem is it was a nightmare to wrap, the glitter goes everywhere!  It was worth it though, look how pretty they look.  So sorry to everyone whose floor I mess up on Christmas day!


Christmas cards are always my downfall and I’m certainly never organised to be able to use second class stamps, those people whose cards you receive on the 5th of December, that will never be me!  As always, I’m late with my cards this year too, but they are homemade for the first time so I think that excuses any tardiness.



I saw this idea on Cupcakes and Cashmere a couple of months ago, and thought it would be a perfect and fairly straightforward way to make cute personalised cards.  It also drove me to purchase the most incredible set of glitter I have ever laid eyes on.  If you like sparkly things then this is for you, so pretty!

All you need to make these cards is black cards in whatever size you’d like (I used these), glue pen and some glitter. (As you can tell I’d be lost without Amazon).  And some of your best handwriting and favourite song lyrics!

IMG_0602     IMG_0603

IMG_0604     IMG_0605

Sorry about the terrible photographs, the one curse of winter blogging is the lack of daylight!

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