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Wholemeal Rye Bread

So last week we had homemade jam, which was totally delicious but even I can’t eat jam straight from the jar.  What we need is some kind of vehicle to get the jam into our tummys…oh, bread! Duh.

wholemeal rye bread

So I made some tasty homemade bread to go with the homemade jam, and it’s healthy bread too so you can eat lots of it.  I bought rye flour about two months ago and have never quite gotten around to making bread with it.  I had looked at a few recipes but the thought of a pure rye loaf seemed a bit intense.  Then I stumbled across a Nigel Slater recipe which sounded like a good balance of white and wholemeal bread flours.

wholemeal rye bread 2

This loaf is quite dense in texture but it has a lovely deep, nutty flavour that works especially well with the slightly tart gooseberry jam.  I preferred this loaf toasted, especially after the first day or two , with the melting butter mixing with the jam.

It also tastes amazing with the chocolate peanut butter spread that I found in a deli in Perth (it can also be found in Wholefoods Glasgow). That’s right, chocolate and peanut butter together in a spread! It saves me mixing the Nutella and PB myself…