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Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bread

2013-08-03 13.26.38

Way back (well, not really that far back) at the start of July I put together the beginnings of a ‘Summer Bucket List’ and now that we’re heading towards the middle of August and the end of summer it occurred to me that I better check up on my progress as time is running out.

The results are in…

  1. Start using the skipping rope I bought on a whim about a month ago. Well, I did this once following the production of this list, so technically…
  2. Make gooseberry jamCheck! See it here.
  3. Have a barbecue at the beach.  Yes!  I even swam in the loch.
  4. Finish the band t-shirt patchwork quilt I started a year ago – probably more a winter task but it’s been sitting under my bed for so long I can’t take it any more, and there will be rainy summer days to fill. Seriously, who was I kidding??
  5. Bake rye bread.  Done and done.
  6. Make some life decisions…y’know, nothing major.  Although I have major work to do I’m checking this one off because I’m getting there.

Ok, so 5 out of 6, although I’m cheating a little on a couple.  Not bad progress really.

There were also a few surprises, such as having an article in my home town newspaper and something else that happened today that I’m super excited about and can hopefully share soon!