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How to: Homemade Pumpkin Puree


This is the time of year when every second recipe on the internet contains pumpkin, and more specifically, pumpkin puree.  It’s wonderful, and they are sounds utterly delicious.  The only problem is, pumpkin puree isn’t really a thing in the U.K.  Sure, it has surfaced in more and more supermarkets in the last year or two and there is even a selection to be made at Wholefoods but not every town has one of those (sadly).

Pumpkins, in their raw and beautiful state, however are readily available all over the country.  Great news!  We can make our own pumpkin puree, can’t we?  The answer to that is most certainly yes.  It’s hella easy, as long as you have a large, sharp knife! (more…)

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