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Mid-week Moment

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1.  All summer I’ve been meaning to buy myself a bunch of peonies but I was always going away for the weekend and thought I wouldn’t get the benefit of them.  Well, I was at home last weekend so I splashed out and made the purchase.   They are so pretty, they make me smile every time I walk past them.

2.  A long day was brightened up yesterday by a stop at the only Krispy Kreme in Scotland.  I also bought a candy thermometer yesterday (previously my excuse for not attempting to bake doughnuts) so I’ll have to try and recreate the magical KK experience at home.

3.  On Monday I went back to pilates class, after a year long hiatus.  It was really enjoyable and I’m already looking forward to next week, the only problem is I’ve been feeling the burn all week!  

4.  I’d been stalking this shirt from Gap for the past few weeks, waiting for it to go in the never ending sale.  My patience eventually paid off and I got £15 off!

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