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Chocolate & Peanut Butter Crepe Cake


My grand plan was to have this post up for you on the morning of the 28th – so you were all set for Pancake Day – but a sick kitty foiled my plans.  Howevever, I now bring you something to do with all of those left over crepes you have lying around (yeah, right!) and my cat Enzo seems to be on the mend.  It’s all good!

I was asked to create a recipe using a crepe maker for, which got me thinking….other than the perfect crepe recipe, which a brain much brighter than mine has already created, what on earth can I do.  After some Pinterest seaching (where would we be without it!), I stumbled across the world of crepe cakes. (more…)


Currently Loving

coconut lime shortbread 1

I recently discovered this great food blog called Shared Appetite and instantly wanted to make these baked churros doughnuts…so good!

If you love smoothies you should probably just print this chart out and pin it to your kitchen wall.  I also love their ‘How to Make a Smoothie’ article.

This is the most ridiculously amazing breakfast idea EVER. Crispy bacon, wrapped in pancake batter then dunked in to warm maple syrup…come on!

Loving the behind the scenes look at Kate of The Little Loafs cookbook shoots!  I adore the concept behind the book, homemade versions of sweet treats we’re so familiar with.  I wish her every success with it when it’s released next year.

Whilst doing research for an upcoming order I came across these little beauties.  Summery, beach inspired sugar cookies.  Adorable!

The Bake Off is back and I’m loving it!  The cookies in the photo above were inspired by biscuit week.  They are coconut and lime shortbread and they tasted pretty good if I do say so myself!  Recipe to come soon!


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Currently Loving

banana pancakes 1

This week I’m loving pancakes.  Since moving home a few months ago haven’t made pancakes once!  That is a crime against food that had to be rectified, which I did today by having banana sour cream pancakes with bacon (recipe coming up this week) for brunch  It’s also a perfect recipe for a generous brunch for one, which is how we roll sometimes!

Here are my picks of people who are doing pancakes right.

These chocolate buttermilk pancakes are indulgent enough, but the salted caramel sauce!  I’d be in a blissful sugar coma before 11am.

Adding ricotta is a nice spin on a simple pancake, I also love the abundance of blueberries served with these!

Cupcakes that taste like pancakes!  I’m so in.  The maple cream cheese butter cream sounds to die for.

And if you think that’s good, check out these maple pecan pancake cupcakes.

I couldn’t not mention a pancake recipe from Joy the Baker.  These lemon and berry pancakes are always a hit when I make them.

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Mid-week Moment


1. Commonwealth Games:  Tickets went on sale on Monday, it’s taken a bit of planning and coordination but I think I finally know what I’m applying for- 200m final for Team Jamaica, 10m platform diving for Tom Daley (don’t judge) and some swimming events for the Scottish swim team.  Hopefully I’ll be lucky with the ticket allocation!

2.  Teen Wolf Season Finale: No more Teen Wolf until the new year, what am I going to do??

3.  Panic! At The Disco – This Is Gospel:  Love this song!

4.  Ricotta Pancakes:  I love the recipes and writing on ‘Nutmegs, seven’ and this looks like a delicious breakfast.  Pancakes for one is totally OK, don’t even worry about it!

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Peach Grapefruit Pancakes

peach graptefruit pancakes 4

Happy weekend!  I’m hoping everyone has lovely things planned this weekend and intends to have fun and eat well.  For me, weekend food is all about breakfast, or brunch, because it’s the weekend and if you feel lazy about getting up and cooking that’s perfectly ok.  Breakfast is without doubt my favourite meal.  I would gladly eat breakfast fare morning, noon and night, savoury or sweet.  Eggs, bacon, hash browns, French toast, maple syrup – it’s all good (although not necessarily all together!).

peach graptefruit pancakes 5

My go-to breakfast dish to make for friends is pancakes.  Everybody likes them and you can easily adapt the flavours to suit what you have in your cupboards.  There are a lot of variations of the basic recipe and I’m still trying to figure out which flour to use, what the perfect balance of wet to dry ingredients is or whether to use milk or buttermilk, but this recipe never fails me and produces tasty moist pancakes.

Mostly I stick to the classic combination of lemon and blueberry when making pancakes, but having just picked up some peaches I thought I would experiment with another fruit/citrus combination and paired it with grapefruit.

2013-07-31 08.19.06

The peaches were super sweet so the bitter, scented flavour the grapefruit added was an excellent balance.

So go on and enjoy your weekend and bake pancakes for breakfast!

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