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Neapolitan Macarons


Macarons are turning in to one of my favourite things to bake.  Once you get the technique down they are really quite easy and they always look so adorable and eye-catching!  These Neapolitan (it’s ridiculous how often I misspell that word!) Macarons are the epitome of cute food.  They would be great for a girlie get together or afternoon tea and the classic Italian flavour work great together.

I was curious about the whole Neapolitan thing so I turned to Google and Wikipedia (…where else?) for some information.  Neapolitan mean ‘of or pertaining to Naples’, which makes sense, and  it seems that it was brought to the USA by Italian immigrants in the mid 1800s.  I must confess I’m not crazy about the traditional ice cream variety but last year I baked a strawberry, vanilla and chocolate layer cake for my second cousins Christening and it really did taste delicious. (more…)


January Round-Up


Welcome to the first day of February.  One day closer to spring! Finally!  I’ve had enough of the darkness, the wind and the rain.  Looking forward to spring flowers, warmer temperatures and not having to utilize that short window of time during the day when it’s bright enough to take photos by natural light. (more…)

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Chocolate Orange Macarons


Currently, my favourite thing to bake is French macarons.  After lots and lots of practice I’ve finally mastered the technique so not I get to focus on flavours and making them all kinds of pretty colours. (check out my Facebook page to see my latest Valentines Day designs).  

For macaron inspiration Pintrest is great.  There are some bloggers who are killing the macaron game too, my personal favourite it Raspberri Cupcakes, she’s a macaron queen!  This particular recipe was inspired by some Lindtt orange chocolate I was gifted a while back.  It was tasty, but I felt like it could  be put to better use than my passing sweet tooth cravings.  Also, macaron making always leads to leftover egg yolks which usually leads to curd for a filling!  Orange curd is a great twist on the lime and cranberry versions I’ve posted before.  It doesn’t have the tartness of the other and is sweet and creamy.  Perfect when paired with a dark chocolate ganache like we have here. (more…)

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My Bakers Dozen

Things are starting to get busier over at the Ever So Sweet bakery (aka my parents kitchen…) I’ve been cake baking, fondant rolling and macaron piping every day for what feels like forever!  I’m not complaining though, just taking this desk job girl a little time to adjust to being on my feet all day!

The only downside, which I think I’ve mentioned before is that I don’t have as much time to bake for myself and to play around with recipe ideas.  I do miss that side but once the business is more steady and I feel like I’ve got a schedule I’m certain I’ll be able to fit more in. I mean, I still have to eat.

Currently I have a batch of spiced treacle cookies in the oven and let me tell you, if they taste as good as they smell we are all in for a treat.  I was going for autumn but I think I’ve over shot and gone straight for winter.  Which is ironic considering we’re in the middle on an Indian summer.  If they’re a success you’ll hear all about them next week but now, on to a round up of what else has been leaving my kitchen lately…

bakers dozen 1

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Ever So Sweet Shop Update

Since merging my blog and my baking business I thought it would be fun to post updates every now and then to keep you up to date with what’s been going on in my kitchen!

Today I’ve been working on making 24 Jake and the Neverland Pirates cupcake toppers.  Yes, that’s as difficult as it sounds!  Up until I received the order I had never heard of Jake but I feel well acquainted with him and his friends now!  They are still a work in progress but below are some of the other cupcake toppers I’ve completed recently.

guitar cupcakes

cupcake mix

In other exciting news I have opened an Etsy shop as a way to sell some of my products, at the moment I’ve got some fondant cake toppers and macarons up there.  The shop went live about 2 weeks ago and just in the last two days I’ve had my first two ordes!  Very exciting but kinda scary because now it’s real and I can’t let these customers who live so far away from me down!

boxed macaons 4

boxed macaons 5

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