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Peanut Butter and Jam Muffins

peanut butter and jam muffins 8

I love peanut butter.  This has been clearly documented on this blog here, here and here.  It took me until I was in my twenties before I really got in to peanut butter, I think it was about the time I realised I could turn it in to buttercream frosting…go figure!  Pairing peanut butter with jam (jelly) is a classic American snack, but it’s just not really a thing here in the UK.  I must say that it is actually pretty good, if you find that peanut butter is just a bit too dry on its own (you know the way it sticks to your mouth when you eat it?) then adding jam really is the answer.

peanut butter and jam muffins 10

These muffins were baked after searching the cupboards for inspiration.  There wasn’t enough chocolate for cookies, no berries for cupcakes, no over ripe bananas for bread and then I found the peanut butter and a jar of homemade jam…perfect!

peanut butter and jam muffins 9

I made a few minor tweaks to the recipe so suit what I had on hand and they turned out really great.  The yogurt helps keep them moist and the wholemeal flour adds texture and makes you feel like you’re doing some healthy eating.  Pat yourself on the back, the muffins are totally good for you…sorta, maybe, not.  Either way, they’re good and are WONDERFUL snack food. (more…)


Gooseberry Jam

gooseberry jam 9

Does anyone remember The OC?  Well, I sincerely hope you do or I have extremely young readers!  I’ve been having a bit on an OC revival recently.  One of my friends lent me the boxset, all four seasons on DVD!  This week, whilst I’ve been on my own in the flat, I’ve been enjoying an episode of season 4 before bed.  My love of Seth Cohen has come flooding back, I must say (his sarcastic, emo ways, checked shirts and curly hair get me every time) as well as my desire to upsticks and move to a California beach…sigh.

gooseberry jam 10

Anyways, the reason I’m rabbiting on about The OC is because my bedtime snack to accompany my DVD watching has been wholemeal rye toast (recipe later this week)  and gooseberry jam. A combination destined to be together, just like Seth and Summer…ok, I’ll stop!

gooseberry jam 11

This jam is sweet but tart, the gooseberries hold their shape a bit to give just enough texture.  I can only remember having gooseberries in yogurt before (Morrisons Gooseberry Fool is a-mazing) and have never cooked with them.  This jam was a definitely success, I’ll have to try a gooseberry pie next I think.

gooseberry jam 6