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Spiced Pear Cake


Today we’ve got some comforting, seasonal flavours in the form of Spiced Pear Cake.  I think pears are going to be my go-to ingredient for the next week or so.  In the summer it was strawberries which were taking over every baked good to emerge from my kitchen.  Last month I added a cupful of pureed pumpkin to almost anything.  So, for what little remains of November, pear is going to be my thing.



Whilst day-dreaming about cake at work today…not that I do that often or anything…my mind came up with the idea of Pear Cranberry and Pecan muffins, so stay tuned for them next week.

Also on my pear to-do list are:

Pear, Date and Coconut Cake

Pear and Caramel Pudding Cake

and maybe some pear jam and pear crumble!

This cake is a perfect bridge between autumn and winter, it’s hard to believe on a day where there was snow outside my office and the temperature couldn’t climb much higher than 2 degrees, that just on Saturday I was admiring the golden orange leaves on a mild morning in the park.


The delicate flavour and texture of the pear, pairs (ha!) wonderfully with the warming cinnamon spice.  It is a variation on the cake portion of my nectarine and orange cupcakes, which is seriously the most versatile cake batter ever!

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