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My Bakers Dozen

Things are starting to get busier over at the Ever So Sweet bakery (aka my parents kitchen…) I’ve been cake baking, fondant rolling and macaron piping every day for what feels like forever!  I’m not complaining though, just taking this desk job girl a little time to adjust to being on my feet all day!

The only downside, which I think I’ve mentioned before is that I don’t have as much time to bake for myself and to play around with recipe ideas.  I do miss that side but once the business is more steady and I feel like I’ve got a schedule I’m certain I’ll be able to fit more in. I mean, I still have to eat.

Currently I have a batch of spiced treacle cookies in the oven and let me tell you, if they taste as good as they smell we are all in for a treat.  I was going for autumn but I think I’ve over shot and gone straight for winter.  Which is ironic considering we’re in the middle on an Indian summer.  If they’re a success you’ll hear all about them next week but now, on to a round up of what else has been leaving my kitchen lately…

bakers dozen 1

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