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Happy Birthday Bake Good!

It’s my birthday!  Well, it’s the blogs birthday anyway.  One year ago today I hit publish on my first post and I must confess that I wasn’t completely confident it would still be going now.  I had wanted to start a blog for a while, and have always enjoyed it, but I am the master of starting something and never finishing it, or not seeing it through.  A major flaw but look at me now, 12 months and 98 posts later and we’re still here.

A lot has happened since Bake Good was born – I’ve had a lovely trip to Paris, won the Borders Biscuits competition, found ways to put peanut butter in to everything, quit my job, moved home and working on setting up my own business.  A good combination of fun and scary.

chamomile cupcakes

My first post was for Chamomile Cupcake with Honey and Lemon Icing, which I took along to my second Glasgow Baking Club meet up.  One of the many things I miss about Glasgow is the lovely ladies from the club  They have a cheese themed meet up tomorrow and I’m super jealous not to be involved, enjoy everyone!

ombre cake

So to celebrate turning 1 I’m going to eat the last slice of this cake I made at the weekend.  Thanks to everyone who reads my blabberings, who has tried my recipes, who has taste tested my recipes pre-posting and to everyone who has taken the time to leave a comment.  I thank you and here’s to another year!

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