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Mid-week Moment



1. ‘Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald‘:  A novel by Therese Ann Fowler about Zelda’s life with her husband.  It’s glamorous and sad, but wonderfully written.

2.  *Nsync reunion:  Only the best boyband ever!!  Oh, how I loved JC back in the day.

3. Sabre:  I saw this shop when I was in Paris this year but sadly it was closed.  I really, really want to purchase some of their cutlery!

4. Fall Out Boy:  One of my favourite bands are back and I saw them live at the weekend. Amazing!

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Mid-week Moment


1. Commonwealth Games:  Tickets went on sale on Monday, it’s taken a bit of planning and coordination but I think I finally know what I’m applying for- 200m final for Team Jamaica, 10m platform diving for Tom Daley (don’t judge) and some swimming events for the Scottish swim team.  Hopefully I’ll be lucky with the ticket allocation!

2.  Teen Wolf Season Finale: No more Teen Wolf until the new year, what am I going to do??

3.  Panic! At The Disco – This Is Gospel:  Love this song!

4.  Ricotta Pancakes:  I love the recipes and writing on ‘Nutmegs, seven’ and this looks like a delicious breakfast.  Pancakes for one is totally OK, don’t even worry about it!

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Mid-week Moment


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1.  I was about 5 minutes in to my new favourite Food Network show ‘Recipes that Rock’ when I decided I was in love with co-host chef Matt Stone.  Aussie, tattoo’s, lip-ring, cute hair and makes delicious food.  Prefect man anyone?

2.  Sunsets in Berwick-upon-Tweed.  No filter/effects are on this picture.

3.  Rafa!  25th Master 100 title.  Unbelievable.

4.  I adore Lea Michele.  Her speech about Cory Monteith at the TCA’s must have taken a lot of guts and she delivered it with poise and grace.

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Mid-week Moment

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1.  All summer I’ve been meaning to buy myself a bunch of peonies but I was always going away for the weekend and thought I wouldn’t get the benefit of them.  Well, I was at home last weekend so I splashed out and made the purchase.   They are so pretty, they make me smile every time I walk past them.

2.  A long day was brightened up yesterday by a stop at the only Krispy Kreme in Scotland.  I also bought a candy thermometer yesterday (previously my excuse for not attempting to bake doughnuts) so I’ll have to try and recreate the magical KK experience at home.

3.  On Monday I went back to pilates class, after a year long hiatus.  It was really enjoyable and I’m already looking forward to next week, the only problem is I’ve been feeling the burn all week!  

4.  I’d been stalking this shirt from Gap for the past few weeks, waiting for it to go in the never ending sale.  My patience eventually paid off and I got £15 off!

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Mid-week Moment

I’ve decided to start this new weekly series on a Wednesday.  Mid-week can be tough if you’re a Monday to Friday, nine to fiver like myself so I though taking a moment to reflect on what has made me smile over the past week would help cheer me up, when work is getting me down!

Hopefully these will brighten up your week too.

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1. Fruit picking…again.  This time raspberries are in season and freshly picked rasps can’t be beaten.  This picture is an ‘outtake’ from the millions of photos I made my friend take of me in an attempt to get one that was good enough to be published!

2.  World Swimming Championships.  It’s a whole year since the London Olympics and I’m having serious withdrawal.  The swimming championships, in particular Ryan Lochte, are helping with this.

3. Monogrammed…everything!  I really want a monogrammed notebook, and poloshirt, and bag, and pretty much anything else.  A little part of me thinks it’s a bit tacky, the other part totally loves it.

4. Kate and her new royal baby.  I adore William and Kate, they seem such a lovely couple and dealt with presenting their new son, Prince George, to the press extremely well.  How does Kate look so amazing the day after giving birth?  And her dress is beautiful. Ok, I’ll stop now!


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