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Coconut Almond Granola

coconut almond granola

It’s time to be healthy again.  With all the cakes I consume I have to at least try to work in a few healthy snacks from time to time.  Luckily granola is delicious and it usually requires a trip to Wholefoods, my favourite supermarket.

coconut almond granola 07

It’s also summer and eating a more wholesome diet never seems quite as traumatic when it’s sunny outside, so we have to make the most of it when we have the chance!

coconut almond granola 04

Summer also seems like a good time to try new things, or maybe even to take a few chances.  Whilst on a drive north this week I was listening to my favourite podcast (listen here, it’s a lot of fun!) and the topic up for discussion was a summer bucket list.  Basically a list of things to do/experience before the summer is out.


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Strawberry Tarts

strawberry tart 8

I know, FINALLY!  Life has been getting a little in the way of blogging for the last couple of weeks but I’m definitely going to refocus and get myself back on track.  I’ve not been feeling my best and have been back home for the past two weekends which hasn’t left me a lot of free time to bake.  Usually when I fall out of my routine I make lots of lists.  Lists are always the answer; my office notebook is basically pages and pages of lists.  Checking something off your list is such a satisfying feeling…well, for me anyway!  So I’m working on a list of recipes to tackle and check off over the summer, stay tuned!


Strawberry Week (or what actually became strawberry two and a half weeks) is brought to a close with these adorable little tarts.  There are a lot of different components that go in to making these completely from scratch but they are all relatively straightforward and use very basic ingredients.  Also, once you’ve figured out the strawberry tart you can mix these up to use whatever fruit is in season.

strawberry tart 6

These tarts are very dainty, perfect as part of afternoon tea or to enjoy whilst watching Wimbledon – which I will be doing a lot of over the next fortnight, despite yesterdays heartbreak.



Strawberry and Banana Loaf

Strawberry Banana Loaf | Bake Good

Now I couldn’t have a strawberry week (and a half) without including a strawberry and banana recipe. Bananas seem to be turning into a bit of a thing for me, this is my third banana recipe in less than three months (others can be found here and here)!  Banana bread is an absolute classic though, definitely one of my favourite snacks.  I like to pretend it’s healthy because of all the fruit, kinda like carrot cake (no-one needs to worry about all the butter and sugar that’s in there too).


Luckily for me I have a flatmate who likes to buy bananas, but doesn’t like to eat them so much, so we are always left with a collection of very sad looking bananas in the fruit bowl.  The only thing that can be done is bake with them, because I can only eat bananas when they are still tinged with green, which is weird and probably bad for me.



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Strawberry Cupcakes


Cupcakes are sort of what stared all this baking I do.  I’ve always enjoyed baking, from when I was little, but the first time I made some really pretty cupcakes I thought – this is a lot of fun, I could do this.  People love having their own individual cake, especially when they look good and taste even better.


These are particularly adorable looking cupcakes, that would actually work pretty well for Valentines Day with their little strawberry heart on top, but for me they are my Wimbledon cakes.  I was going to hold off on posting these for another week or so, to coincide with the tennis starting, but as they are one of my favourite strawberry recipes I had to share them this week.


I found this recipe online a few years ago and it has been a hit every time it’s been baked. For me, the star of the cake is the icing, but be careful, it’s the kind of icing you could accidentally eat way too much of and feel extremely ill.  However, in moderation it you will come to no harm!


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Strawberry and Lime Frozen Yogurt


Fear not, just one more healthy recipe before the butter levels increase significantly in strawberry week.  Still to come is strawberry cupcakes, strawberry tarts and a bonus recipe resulting from the two extremely ripe bananas in my fruit bowl, strawberry and banana loaf.


You really don’t miss it in this recipe though, I mean not even I want butter in ice cream.  This frozen yogurt tastes like a summer party in your mouth, I promise.  It is incredibly simple, even more so if,  unlike me,  you’re fancy and have an ice cream maker but that is certainly not essential.



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