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Roasted Strawberries with Whipped Coconut Cream

roasted strawberries 4

As May flies by we are inching ever closer to summer.  Strawberries, barbecues, Wimbledon!  It is all good and I can’t wait!  British strawberries are starting to make an appearance in the supermarkets, although the delicious local pick your own varieties won’t be ready for a couple of months, I couldn’t resist picking up a box recently.

They are not quite at their flavour peak yet so, to get the most out of your strawberry, I suggest you roast them.  Roasting strawberries concentrates the sweetness and depth of flavour.  When coated with a little honey and balsamic vinegar prior to hitting the oven , they become a taste sensation.  You can then store them in a jar in the fridge to use on your yogurt, in your porridge or simply with cream.

roasted strawberries 8

roasted strawberries 9

Talking of cream…I don’t like it.  I know that is really odd, because I like every other rich, typically calorific food on the go but I have just never been able to enjoy cream.  So the classic strawberries and cream is totally lost on me.  Strawberries and ice cream, now you’re talking! (more…)

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Pistachio & Cherry Biscotti

cherry & pistachio biscotti 7

I’m in a bit of a baking quandary at the moment.  Working on the blog and trying to start a baking business has meant there’s just baking everywhere!  Everyone plastic box in the house is being used to store biscuits or cakes or frosting at one point or another.  The problem is that I love to try out new recipes, which are what I feature here on Bake Good.  At the same time, however, I’m trying to build up a photographic portfolio of the cakes I will offer through my business.

When it comes to a choice between baking something I’ve done a hundred times or trying something out for the first time….I always lean towards the latter.  Which creates interesting content here, but leaves my folio looking a little bare.

I suppose the solution is to just bake it all!  Any volunteers to take some samples off my hands?

This week I caved and baked something completely new to me.  Biscotti.

cherry & pistachio biscotti 4

Biscotti are most commonly seen in celophane by the till in large coffee chains.  They are super rock hard and you feel like you might break a tooth even after a lengthy soak in your coffee.  These are not that.  They still require a little dunk-age to soften them but worry not, there should be no risk to your teeth!  The glace cherries break up the crispness with their sweet chewiness and the pistachios add flavour and a different texture. (more…)

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Banana, Peanut Butter & Cranberry Muffins

Banana Peanut Butter and Cranberry Muffins 1

I never realised how much I enjoy muffins until now.  This will be my fifth muffin recipe in eight months (six if you include English Muffins), which is quite a lot I think!  I think the main appeal is that you can legitimately eat them for breakfast even though oftentimes they are basically cake.  Cake for breakfast. Win!

Banana Peanut Butter and Cranberry Muffins 4 Banana Peanut Butter and Cranberry Muffins 2

These are dressed up as a slightly healthier option though.  Lots of protein courtesy of the peanut butter and bananas.  Wholewheat flour for goodness.  Only a quarter of a cup of sugar for twelve muffins and the option for no fat!  Yogurt is added for body and moisture, you can choose to use 0% fat or low fat or even full fat if you don’t give a damn about that sort of thing.  If that’s you’re attitude, I applaud you.  For a little additional sweetness I added in some dried cranberries.  Think peanut butter and jam, it really works.  Chocolate would also work (when doesn’t it) in the form of chips or chunks.  You choose and customise as you please. (more…)

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Lemon & Ginger Quinoa Granola

Quinoa Granola 2

I know, right?  Quinoa granola??  It sounds weird, I understand.  Quinoa is good in a salad or as a side, especially if you can find red quinoa (there is no way I’m ever finding it in Inverness, I’ll need to stock up next time I’m at Wholefoods), but for breakfast?

Quinoa Granola 8

When I’m feeling very virtuous and am on a health kick, I have found myself wondering about making hot quinoa.  Recipes like this and this sound really good, but in reality they take a little getting used to.  I think I tried it once but it wasn’t really doing anything for me.  Adding quinoa to granola is much easier, because it doesn’t effect the flavour in anyway but adds a whole heap of nutrients and some serious crunch.

The flavour comes from the lemon and ginger.  Using freshly grated ginger, along with the ground variety really gives the granola a kick, perfect to wake you up in the morning!  I love dried fruit in my granola as I enjoy the extra sweetness it gives, I just can’t keep my sweet tooth at bay.  Granola can be enjoyed with milk, yogurt, fruit or just by the hearty handful for an afternoon snack/you just happen to be a bit peckish when you pass the jar.


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Banana Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting

banana chocolate cupcakes 2

One of my first attempts at chocolate and banana cupcakes wasn’t quite as successful as the delightful looking treats you see here today.  I had brought some round to my friend Johns house for us to no doubt enjoy with a cup of tea…soggy is the word that springs to mind.  It didn’t help that I’d carried them around in a plastic tupperware box all day.  Wet, slimy chocolate frosting on top of overly moist banana cupcakes….not pretty.  I daresay they tasted fine, they were certainly eaten up, but nice to look at they weren’t. (more…)

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