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Chocolate & Pistachio Cake

pistachio cake 6

This pretty pistachio cake was made at the weekend for my mums birthday, which is today.  Don’t worry, I’m not giving her a really stale cake for her birthday, we celebrated when she and my dad visited on Saturday.  We had a lovely evening, a quick late afternoon wander around the shops then to Browns on George Square for dinner, where I had an amazing coconut and cardamom brioche and butter pudding.

pistachio cake 7

So this post is for you mum.  The most wonderfully caring, supportive and awesome mum a girl could ask for and I hope you have had a wonderful day (even though I wasn’t there!).


Peach Blueberry Pies

peach blueberry pie 8

Baking is pretty much all about sharing.  Without friends and family, and even colleagues, so share food with I doubt it would be half as fun.  Sharing any kind of meal with someone usually enhances the experience, whether it’s out at a restuarant, a barbeque in the park or a McDonalds in your car (we all do it!).

To me though, nothing beats baking something from scratch to enjoy with others.  It’s so satisfying when someone genuinely enjoys something you’ve produced.

peach blueberry pie 9

Note -this not to say that baking a batch of your favourite cookies with the sole intention of eating them all yourself is a bad thing.  It’s most definitely not, and sometimes very necessary.

But back to baking for others.  How cute are these little pies?!  Very, I know.

peach blueberry pie 10

I made these mini peach blueberry pies last week for this months Glasgow Baking Club meeting, held in the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow’s West End.  It was a really lovely get together this month.  The turnout was down a little, a lot of people are away on their summer holidays, but the small numbers actually worked in our favour.  All eight of us gathered around one of the picnic tables, decorated with a tablecloth and lots of baked goodies for us to devour.  All very civilised!  Thanks to Kirsteen and Bex for organising everything again, much appreciated. (more…)


Apple and Blackberry Crumble Cake

Apple & Blackberry Crumble Cake 2

Deep in the midst of summer, as we are, I find that when I want cake I want there to be fruit involved.  When the shelves of the supermarkets and grocers are actually filled with local fruit I think it would be such a shame not to take advantage, as this is when the flavours are at their height.

Apple & Blackberry Crumble Cake 3

Apple and blackberry is a classic combination.  Here, the apple is providing a subtle background sweetness which is pierced by bites of sharp blackberry.  The sponge is delicate and moist, with the crumble topping adding the contrasting crunchy texture and a gently warming spice.

Wrap this crumble cake in parchment paper, make a flask of tea, grab a blanket, call a friend and head down to the park for a casual, al fresco afternoon tea.  Sounds like a dreamy afternoon to me!

Apple & Blackberry Crumble Cake 1



Strawberry Tarts

strawberry tart 8

I know, FINALLY!  Life has been getting a little in the way of blogging for the last couple of weeks but I’m definitely going to refocus and get myself back on track.  I’ve not been feeling my best and have been back home for the past two weekends which hasn’t left me a lot of free time to bake.  Usually when I fall out of my routine I make lots of lists.  Lists are always the answer; my office notebook is basically pages and pages of lists.  Checking something off your list is such a satisfying feeling…well, for me anyway!  So I’m working on a list of recipes to tackle and check off over the summer, stay tuned!


Strawberry Week (or what actually became strawberry two and a half weeks) is brought to a close with these adorable little tarts.  There are a lot of different components that go in to making these completely from scratch but they are all relatively straightforward and use very basic ingredients.  Also, once you’ve figured out the strawberry tart you can mix these up to use whatever fruit is in season.

strawberry tart 6

These tarts are very dainty, perfect as part of afternoon tea or to enjoy whilst watching Wimbledon – which I will be doing a lot of over the next fortnight, despite yesterdays heartbreak.



Strawberry and Lime Frozen Yogurt


Fear not, just one more healthy recipe before the butter levels increase significantly in strawberry week.  Still to come is strawberry cupcakes, strawberry tarts and a bonus recipe resulting from the two extremely ripe bananas in my fruit bowl, strawberry and banana loaf.


You really don’t miss it in this recipe though, I mean not even I want butter in ice cream.  This frozen yogurt tastes like a summer party in your mouth, I promise.  It is incredibly simple, even more so if,  unlike me,  you’re fancy and have an ice cream maker but that is certainly not essential.



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