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Pumpkin & Almond Cupcakes

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More pumpkin! These cute little cupcakes are super tasty and look great.  The pureed pumpkin keeps them moist and with the addition of spices gives a perfect autumn flavour.  I added in some white chocolate chips for extra sweetness and a touch of almond extract to balance the flavour of the icing.

Talking of the icing…it is definitely the best part of these cupcakes.  Before now, my absolute favourite cupcake topping is peanut butter frosting.  It is delicous, peanut butter at its finest.  So I thought, why not exchange the peanut butter for almond butter, that could totally work.  It does.

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Mango & Coconut Muffins


Making time for everything in a hectic week is not easy.  Just take this blog and my appalling lack of updates recently.  Falling behind and running out of time really stresses me out so I know I need to start making a big effort to become more organised and pro-active.  I have been busy the last few weekends, which is when I do most of my baking, but if I had prioritised post writing over grand prix watching I wouldn’t have left a full week between recipes.


To try and help myself out a bit I’ve been organising wherever possible.  I bought a big weekly calendar which I have pinned on my wall (right where I get ready every morning so there is no escaping it!) where I schedule my posts for the week ahead.  I can also tick these off when they’ve been posted – always fun!  My baking equipment had spread to all corners of my bedroom, the curse of sharing with a non-baker and having a small kitchen, so a small set of drawers were purchased to store my photo props, cake tins, cutters and cake decorating bits and bobs.  I also bought an adorable little Moleskin note book that fits in to my handbag where I can jot down any ideas or make plans when inspiration strikes.


So these muffins mark the start of a new organised Kirsty…or something like that!  They are good muffins though, using mango to provide delicate sweetness and coconut to give them a tropical flavour.  When baked mango becomes soft, sweet and luscious adding great moisture to cakes.  Coconut flakes add contrasting texture as a finishing touch.




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Orange and Nectarine Cupcakes

Summer is here!  Finally.


Who knows for how long so it must be enjoyed as much as possible!  This weekend was the perfectly summery, filled with visiting friends and going to the beach, my cousins wedding and watching tennis.

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I have to start by talking about Andy Murray.  He’s not my very favourite player and it took me a while to really get behind him but he has really grown on my over the past two years.  I’m so, so delighted that he won Wimbledon!  It was such a deserved victory after all this time and to take the victory over Djokovic the way he did (even though it was still painfully close in parts) was really a brilliant effort.  Well done Andy!  However, the next big tournament is the US Open where I will be well and truly back to my ‘¡Vamos Rafa!’ ways.


I watched the Wimbledon final with some friends in Aberdeen.  It was a gorgeous day and as we’d be spending the majority of it indoors we went to the beach in the morning.  It was even warm enough for a paddle in the sea and some delicious ice cream.  I had white chocolate and pistachio and rhubarb sorbet, which was amazing and I will definitely have to try to recreate.


The main reason for my being up in Aberdeen was to go to my cousins wedding.  It was a great day and the whole family were there for the celebration, a big party and BBQ in my aunts back garden.   They both looked lovely and I wish them lots of love and happiness for the future.


Anyways, enough about my life.  On to the cakes!  I made these cupcakes for the wedding.  They are a perfect combination of summer flavours, with the fragrant orange and sweet bites of nectarine.  When baked the tartness of the nectarine is softened and the sweetness enhanced, delicious.  I topped these with a whipped cream icing which is much lighter than a buttercream and I think really compliments the flavour combination.


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Strawberry Cupcakes


Cupcakes are sort of what stared all this baking I do.  I’ve always enjoyed baking, from when I was little, but the first time I made some really pretty cupcakes I thought – this is a lot of fun, I could do this.  People love having their own individual cake, especially when they look good and taste even better.


These are particularly adorable looking cupcakes, that would actually work pretty well for Valentines Day with their little strawberry heart on top, but for me they are my Wimbledon cakes.  I was going to hold off on posting these for another week or so, to coincide with the tennis starting, but as they are one of my favourite strawberry recipes I had to share them this week.


I found this recipe online a few years ago and it has been a hit every time it’s been baked. For me, the star of the cake is the icing, but be careful, it’s the kind of icing you could accidentally eat way too much of and feel extremely ill.  However, in moderation it you will come to no harm!


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Banana & Nutella Muffins


Today I bring you  a recipe for one of the tastiest muffins I’ve ever eaten.  I love any and all banana flavoured baked goods, and I believe I have already expressed this love here, but it needs to be said again.  A banana and walnut muffin would have been delicious enough, but when you top the whole thing off with a swirl of Nutella…well, they call that cake heaven.


I brought some of these muffins with me to visit a friend this weekend, they went down a treat with her and her adorable kittens, who won’t think twice about stealing any kind of food from you!  See below for one of said kittens in the sink eating the remains of the evenings dinner.


So adorable! Luckily they never got in to the muffins.

If you’re in to Nutella I urge you to bake these, as soon as possible.  I pretty much inhaled one within 5 minutes of them leaving the oven – yum!



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