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Healthy Macaroons

healthy macaroons 3

Getting through a workday without my 11am cereal bar is all but impossible.  No matter what I eat breakfast never fills me up until lunch, I seem to have a crazy fast metabolism (which I am eternally thankful for, imagine what size I’d be if I didn’t!).  Shop bought cereal bars or granola bars are usually my go-to, which is bad, I know, with all their unnecessary sugar and fat, but they are so convenient and tasty – Tracker bars and Nature Valley granola bars being my favourite.  In my defence, every attempt at granola bars has ended in…well, granola, so shop bought it is!

healthy macaroons 7

A couple of weekends ago when on a mega baking kick, I wanted a little respite from all of the butter and sugar, when I found these.  They are truly delicious.  You don’t feel remotely short changed by the wholesome and mostly healthy ingredients.  They are sweet, soft, a little chewy and they definitely feel like a treat, I’ve made two batches since discovering the recipe already! (more…)


Grapefruit Sandwich Cookies

grapefruit cookies 2

So these cookies are a little late, but it doesn’t need to be Valentines Day to tell someone you love them, especially if you have cookies!  I made these last week for the latest Baking Club meet up, which was held in the Waverley Tearooms – who were very friendly and accommodating of us.

grapefruit cookies 3

There was about nine or ten of us this month and there was, as always, a delicious array of baking.  It all tasted delicious, one of my favourites was Bex’s cheesy apple hearts…cheese, pastry and apple…what’s not to love!

I made these delicate grapefruit sandwich cookies – sweet and light with just the right amount of citrus-y tang.  I added the white chocolate hearts because…well, it was Valentines Day after all!

grapefruit cookies 7

grapefruit cookies 5


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Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies


I confess it has taken me much longer to get back to blogging in 2014 than I intended.  Better late than never though, and I have planned a few more bakes for the weekend (perhaps with an Australian Open theme!).  The finals will be watched at my friends new flat and as the tennis starts at about 8am on a Sunday morning, a sugary breakfast is most definitely in order.


There has been some baking going on in my household though, it just wasn’t quite blog worthy – a cake that I just couldn’t make look nice enough to photograph under lights and granola bars that ended up more like regular granola…

Then yesterday I spotted a simple but tasty looking recipe on the Clara Persis blog (you should check out her site, it’s full of beautiful life inspiration and wise entrepreneurial words).  I had all the ingredients for the cookies on hand so I gave them a go, ease myself back in to baking and blogging gently. (more…)

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Happy Halloween – Spooky Shortbread


This is a recipe I shared a few weeks ago on Sweet Society, for Orange Shortbread with Cinnamon Icing, which I have tweaked slightly to turn in to fun Halloween themed biscuits.

They are really easy and a lot of fun to make!  I have to say the piping was a little trickier than I expected, especially for the spiderwebs, but I like the way they turned out in the end.  Have a great Halloween everyone!



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Orange Shortbread & Sweet Society

Orange Shortbread 1

Today my recipe for Orange Shortbread with Cinnamon Icing is up on Sweet Society, which you can find here.

I stumbled across Sweet Society a couple of weeks ago and it is a great site full of inspiring desserts, innovative crafting ideas and useful tips and tutorials.  My favourite part of the site is the Experiences section, my favourite being the Sprinkles experience – love the balloon wreath! – which provides a tutorial for creating dessert tables for parties and events.  I really want to put one together sometime soon, maybe at Christmas!

Orange Shortbread 2

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