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Pumpkin Banana and Orange Bread


There are going to be a lot of pumpkin recipes coming up on Bake Good in the next month or so, I can tell.   Lots of recipes have been catching my eye, such as this one from Beantown Baker which looks amazing!


This loaf comes together in no time at all, the best thing about making cakes with vegetables in them.  It’s moist thanks to the banana and the pumpkin, with warming background flavours from the spices and a kick of orangey citrus flavour, enhanced by the frosting.  On its own, this loaf isn’t overly sweet, which totally means you can have cake for breakfast, it would go great with a morning coffee.  With the cream cheese frosting however, it definitely becomes a desserty cake, now I’m not saying you still can’t eat it for breakfast, but I would suggest leaving it for an afternoon pick me up with a cup of tea. (more…)

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Raspberry and Orange Cupcakes


Time for another Glasgow Baking Club meeting!  It felt like an absolute age since out last sunny picnic in the park meet up – gone are the bright evenings and warm weather – so it was great to see everyone again.  What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than with good cake and good chat?


This months meeting marked full year since I first joined the lovely baking ladies (and sometimes gents) as we were back to our pink theme in honour of breast cancer awareness month.  We also all put in a donation and raised almost 100, again not a bad effort for a Sunday afternoon!  Earlier that day I had been out at Glasgow Green to watch a friend finish his 10k…so some of us run for charity, other eat cake for charity!  As long as it’s for a good cause I don’t think it matters.




We all gathered in a fairly new (well, new to me since I don’t frequent those areas in a half mile radius of my old uni if I can help it!) cafe at St Georges Cross called No. 1 Chocolate Factory.  It’s a really lovely cafe, really light and bright, as it takes up the full corner at Woodlands Road.  The cafe also runs chocolate making courses which definitely sounds like something I should look in to. (more…)


Mocha Doughnuts with Maple Glaze

baked mocha doughnuts

Another season, another list.  Over the summer I compiled a summer bucket list which was fairly successful and most things were ticked off.  So, as we are well in to autumn, it’s time for a new to do list!

  1. Spend the day walking in a forest full of autumn colours.
  2. Get to grips with my new DSLR camera.
  3. Finish my quilt (for real this time).
  4. Buy my very own biscuits in the shops!
  5. Enroll in an evening class.
  6. Actually use the ‘Couch to 5k’ app I have on my phone.
  7. Buy the perfect tweed mini skirt.
  8. Make real doughnuts.

The last one on the list came to me after making these baked doughnuts.  Now these doughnuts are delicious, and certainly look the part, but they aren’t really doughnuts.  Making real doughnuts has always scared me a little, all that super hot oil just seems dangerous, which is why I’ve stuck to the baked variety.

2013-09-12 18.29.01

This will be my farewell to baked doughnuts recipe.  The next time you see doughnuts around these parts they will be fully fledged and deep fried, maybe even filled, but until then…



Birthdays and Cake!

Happy birthday to me!  That’s right it was my birthday on Saturday and I turned the grand OLD age of 28.  Turns out 28 isn’t so bad, it’s a lot like 27, surprisingly.   I’ve had a lovely weekend of friends, family, food and presents.

One of my favourite presents is a personalised Emma Bridgewater mug that my parents gave me.  It says Star Baker on the front and below has the date I won the Border biscuit competition!


Is baking your own birthday cake wrong?  Who knows, but that’s what happened.  I was pretty pleased with it, although the first lot of sponges which didn’t rise are now in the freezer to be used in the Christmas trifle!

I used this Delia recipe but after the all in one sponge failed I used her classic sponge recipe.  For the filling I made a quick raspberry jam with half a pack of fresh raspberries and a tablespoon of sugar.  When this was cooled I spread it on the bottom layer of sponge before topping it with the marscapone mixture, which I had stirred the rest of the rasps in to.  Finally, on top of the filling I sprinkled toasted almonds for some crunchy texture.  The top of the cake is just icing sugar and some edible gold shimmer glitter.

2013-09-28 22.18.20

I’ve had a fabulous weekend so thank you for all the presents and fun times guys, you’re the best!

2013-09-28 18.19.03

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Carrot Cake

2013-09-15 17.28.19

I’ve talked before about building up a base of classic recipes to have in my back pocket to pull out at a moment’s notice.  Tried and tested recipes that I can almost do with no recipe and with simple store cupboard ingredients.  Last time around it was scones, which reminds me that I need to work on scones recipes and expand my repertoire!

Carrot cake definitely falls in to this category.  In almost every cafe, coffee shop or tea room some form of carrot cake can be found.  Useful for its flexibility of form, it will work as a tray bake, a loaf or a sandwich cake the carrot cake is ever popular.  The only problem is there is always a vast range of quality, or perhaps it’s just what certain people decide is the perfect formula.

2013-09-15 17.34.38

For me, the perfect carrot cake should be moist, spicy and nutty with light as a feather, creamy frosting on top.  The worst offenders in the bad carrot cake category (try saying that more than once!) are dry sponge and crispy frosting, it also makes me sad if the frosting is too cheesy – not good.

2013-09-15 17.28.01

The sponge portion of this particular recipe is from a Mary Berry cookbook and unusually contains mashed banana in the batter.  The banana does impart a recognisable flavour but it also helps the cake retain moisture.  Contrary to what I’ve said above, this perhaps is not a classic carrot cake however it is an excellent revision and is surely super healthy*, I mean it contains not only a fruit but a vegetable too!

*  This completely false, this cake is extremely tasty but sadly not at all healthy.

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