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Mango & Coconut Muffins


Making time for everything in a hectic week is not easy.  Just take this blog and my appalling lack of updates recently.  Falling behind and running out of time really stresses me out so I know I need to start making a big effort to become more organised and pro-active.  I have been busy the last few weekends, which is when I do most of my baking, but if I had prioritised post writing over grand prix watching I wouldn’t have left a full week between recipes.


To try and help myself out a bit I’ve been organising wherever possible.  I bought a big weekly calendar which I have pinned on my wall (right where I get ready every morning so there is no escaping it!) where I schedule my posts for the week ahead.  I can also tick these off when they’ve been posted – always fun!  My baking equipment had spread to all corners of my bedroom, the curse of sharing with a non-baker and having a small kitchen, so a small set of drawers were purchased to store my photo props, cake tins, cutters and cake decorating bits and bobs.  I also bought an adorable little Moleskin note book that fits in to my handbag where I can jot down any ideas or make plans when inspiration strikes.


So these muffins mark the start of a new organised Kirsty…or something like that!  They are good muffins though, using mango to provide delicate sweetness and coconut to give them a tropical flavour.  When baked mango becomes soft, sweet and luscious adding great moisture to cakes.  Coconut flakes add contrasting texture as a finishing touch.




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Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bread

2013-08-03 13.26.38

Way back (well, not really that far back) at the start of July I put together the beginnings of a ‘Summer Bucket List’ and now that we’re heading towards the middle of August and the end of summer it occurred to me that I better check up on my progress as time is running out.

The results are in…

  1. Start using the skipping rope I bought on a whim about a month ago. Well, I did this once following the production of this list, so technically…
  2. Make gooseberry jamCheck! See it here.
  3. Have a barbecue at the beach.  Yes!  I even swam in the loch.
  4. Finish the band t-shirt patchwork quilt I started a year ago – probably more a winter task but it’s been sitting under my bed for so long I can’t take it any more, and there will be rainy summer days to fill. Seriously, who was I kidding??
  5. Bake rye bread.  Done and done.
  6. Make some life decisions…y’know, nothing major.  Although I have major work to do I’m checking this one off because I’m getting there.

Ok, so 5 out of 6, although I’m cheating a little on a couple.  Not bad progress really.

There were also a few surprises, such as having an article in my home town newspaper and something else that happened today that I’m super excited about and can hopefully share soon!



Peach Grapefruit Pancakes

peach graptefruit pancakes 4

Happy weekend!  I’m hoping everyone has lovely things planned this weekend and intends to have fun and eat well.  For me, weekend food is all about breakfast, or brunch, because it’s the weekend and if you feel lazy about getting up and cooking that’s perfectly ok.  Breakfast is without doubt my favourite meal.  I would gladly eat breakfast fare morning, noon and night, savoury or sweet.  Eggs, bacon, hash browns, French toast, maple syrup – it’s all good (although not necessarily all together!).

peach graptefruit pancakes 5

My go-to breakfast dish to make for friends is pancakes.  Everybody likes them and you can easily adapt the flavours to suit what you have in your cupboards.  There are a lot of variations of the basic recipe and I’m still trying to figure out which flour to use, what the perfect balance of wet to dry ingredients is or whether to use milk or buttermilk, but this recipe never fails me and produces tasty moist pancakes.

Mostly I stick to the classic combination of lemon and blueberry when making pancakes, but having just picked up some peaches I thought I would experiment with another fruit/citrus combination and paired it with grapefruit.

2013-07-31 08.19.06

The peaches were super sweet so the bitter, scented flavour the grapefruit added was an excellent balance.

So go on and enjoy your weekend and bake pancakes for breakfast!

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Coconut Almond Granola

coconut almond granola

It’s time to be healthy again.  With all the cakes I consume I have to at least try to work in a few healthy snacks from time to time.  Luckily granola is delicious and it usually requires a trip to Wholefoods, my favourite supermarket.

coconut almond granola 07

It’s also summer and eating a more wholesome diet never seems quite as traumatic when it’s sunny outside, so we have to make the most of it when we have the chance!

coconut almond granola 04

Summer also seems like a good time to try new things, or maybe even to take a few chances.  Whilst on a drive north this week I was listening to my favourite podcast (listen here, it’s a lot of fun!) and the topic up for discussion was a summer bucket list.  Basically a list of things to do/experience before the summer is out.


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Strawberry and Lime Frozen Yogurt


Fear not, just one more healthy recipe before the butter levels increase significantly in strawberry week.  Still to come is strawberry cupcakes, strawberry tarts and a bonus recipe resulting from the two extremely ripe bananas in my fruit bowl, strawberry and banana loaf.


You really don’t miss it in this recipe though, I mean not even I want butter in ice cream.  This frozen yogurt tastes like a summer party in your mouth, I promise.  It is incredibly simple, even more so if,  unlike me,  you’re fancy and have an ice cream maker but that is certainly not essential.



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