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Healthy Macaroons

healthy macaroons 3

Getting through a workday without my 11am cereal bar is all but impossible.  No matter what I eat breakfast never fills me up until lunch, I seem to have a crazy fast metabolism (which I am eternally thankful for, imagine what size I’d be if I didn’t!).  Shop bought cereal bars or granola bars are usually my go-to, which is bad, I know, with all their unnecessary sugar and fat, but they are so convenient and tasty – Tracker bars and Nature Valley granola bars being my favourite.  In my defence, every attempt at granola bars has ended in…well, granola, so shop bought it is!

healthy macaroons 7

A couple of weekends ago when on a mega baking kick, I wanted a little respite from all of the butter and sugar, when I found these.  They are truly delicious.  You don’t feel remotely short changed by the wholesome and mostly healthy ingredients.  They are sweet, soft, a little chewy and they definitely feel like a treat, I’ve made two batches since discovering the recipe already! (more…)


Baked Lemon & Blueberry Doughnuts

lemon blueberry doughnuts 7

When is it doughnuts and not donuts?  Is it the American was to call them Donuts, a la Dunkin Donuts?  To be fair, these doughnuts/donuts don’t actually use any dough so I doubt it really matters too much.  According to Krispy Kreme, my gold standard when it comes to the deep fried variety call them doughnuts, so that about settles it in my mind.

I Google’d it, because when in doubt….Google, and stumbled a wonderful article about aman who baked 799 cookies in 24 hours to give to friends, in exchange for the friends donating to charity.  The story of his baking marathon is interwoven with notes from the story of his grandfathers bakery, started just before World War 2.  I suggest you check it out, it’s a lovely way to spend ten minutes!

lemon blueberry doughnuts 2

lemon blueberry doughnuts 5

Anyway, in conclusion, we’re spelling it doughnuts and we’re baking these doughnuts.  Blueberry and sour cream doughnuts with a lemon and blueberry glaze.  Delicious and summery, so not season appropriate but they should cheer you up on a dreary February afternoon. (more…)

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Peanut Butter and Jam Muffins

peanut butter and jam muffins 8

I love peanut butter.  This has been clearly documented on this blog here, here and here.  It took me until I was in my twenties before I really got in to peanut butter, I think it was about the time I realised I could turn it in to buttercream frosting…go figure!  Pairing peanut butter with jam (jelly) is a classic American snack, but it’s just not really a thing here in the UK.  I must say that it is actually pretty good, if you find that peanut butter is just a bit too dry on its own (you know the way it sticks to your mouth when you eat it?) then adding jam really is the answer.

peanut butter and jam muffins 10

These muffins were baked after searching the cupboards for inspiration.  There wasn’t enough chocolate for cookies, no berries for cupcakes, no over ripe bananas for bread and then I found the peanut butter and a jar of homemade jam…perfect!

peanut butter and jam muffins 9

I made a few minor tweaks to the recipe so suit what I had on hand and they turned out really great.  The yogurt helps keep them moist and the wholemeal flour adds texture and makes you feel like you’re doing some healthy eating.  Pat yourself on the back, the muffins are totally good for you…sorta, maybe, not.  Either way, they’re good and are WONDERFUL snack food. (more…)


Dark Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread 5

With the start of a new year people are often inspired to try new things, make new resolutions, start new habits.  It’s equally a good and bad time to do this.  It feels like a fresh start, twelve months ahead of you to plan and map out and to put behind you anything from the previous year you may want to forget.

This is all great, but the problem is January is a bit of a long and dreary month and it can be difficult to carry the momentum from January’s first few days right through to the 31st.  I haven’t really made any resolutions this year, nothing specific anyway.  A few people have talked about intentions for the year ahead, which I like because it doesn’t feel like a box to check off (as much as I enjoy a list) and it’s less a matter of potential failure and more about trying to fulfill that intention.

To help me through January I have a few new things of my own:

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12 Days of Christmas – Stollen

stollen 1

On the second day of Christmas, Bake Good gave to me…Stollen!  Yeah, not exactly how the song goes but you get the picture.  Don’t worry, I won’t make that joke for all twelve posts, I don’t think anyway.

stollen 3

My mum had requested I make stollen when I’m back home for Christmas, so I thought I better get a practice run in beforehand to avoid disappointment.  As usual, I brought this in to work to save eating the whole loaf myself, which could have happened because it tastes amazing!  To my surprise, although it went down well, almost nobody had actually heard of stollen before.  I assumed everyone had this in their cupboards at Christmas but perhaps it was just my family!  Basically it is a dense, sweet fruit bread filled with marzipan.  According to my sources (read: Wikipedia) it is originally from Germany.

stollen 4

There were various recipes, some using plain flour and some with bread flour, different levels of spice, different fruits, with and without nuts.  Complicated.  So I went with one of my kitchen idols Delia….and then went ahead and changed it to suit the ingredients I’d bought!  As per a Nigel Slated recipe, I added cardamom  which was a really nice touch of soft fragrant spice that seemed to pair very well with the sultanas, cranberry and apricot.  This loaf is a little lighter than the shop bought alternative, which is a good thing in my opinion, and is further enhanced by a light toasted before serving.

If you’ve never had stollen before I hope you give it a try and an alternative baked treat this Christmas! (more…)

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