Leftover Egg Yolks


For last weeks food fair I made about 100 macarons which meant I had A LOT of egg yolks left over.  In Mondays calm after the storm I put on my thinking cap to figure out what to do with the 14 leftover egg yolks in my fridge!  The first decision was to make carbonara for dinner – 3 down.  The next obvious choice was ice cream, people always associate egg yolks with custard, and real home made ice cream.  This was an excellent idea, but I already had a jar of custard left over which I hadn’t needed as a macaron filling.  No matter, it meant I could make ice cream that much quicker – as you saw yesterday!

lime curd 3

One of my favourite toast toppings is lemon curd.  The macarons on sale at my stall were filled with home made lemon curd which I hadn’t really been able to enjoy because it was all needed!  Problem solved, find a recipe that uses only yolks and use them to make more curd.  To mix things up a little I used limes for lime curd and used this recipe (obviously subbing limes for the lemons).  The resulting curd is rich, creamy and tart.  Perfect on a croissant!

lime curd 5 lime curd 4

Something else I love but have never made from scratch is mayonnaise.  Just like the advert says, it really does make a sandwich, so I gave my arm a serious workout and made a jar from scratch using this recipe.  My only tweak was to add some grain mustard at the end because I love it. Next time I make this I am definitely using a food processor though!

mayonnaise 2 mayonnaise 1 mayonnaise 3