Food Fair – Ever So Sweet

food fair 1

This post was meant to be my 100th recipe. There was going to be cake!  However, last week turned in to a marathon baking session for my first ever food fair stall.  It was so busy that I forgot to take any photos, even on the day!  Which is ridiculous, but I felt somewhat brain dead and am surprised I managed to smile, serve and make sensible conversation with customers! The stall was for my home baking business Ever So Sweet, please have a look at the website if you fancy a nosy.

Apart from feeling exhausted the day was a complete success.  There were lots of customers who seemed to really enjoy the samples and have given good feedback on their purchases. I made a new new contacts for potential wholesale customers, which is exciting.  Plus I’ve had an enquiry for a macaron order!  I would have loved to have spend more time enjoying the fair and having a good look at all of the others stalls but hopefully next year I will have my head more in the game.  

food fair 4

At my stall I sold macarons, cupcakes (chocolate and peanut butter, cherry and coconut, nectarine and orange, lemon and blueberry, strawberries and cream and finally, vanilla!), marshmallow squares, s’mores brownies and cake pops.

food fair 5

 food fair 2

The most popular seemed to be the macarons, which was really great to see as I’d love to focus on making macarons in the future.  Cupcakes were also popular, I had baked six different flavours, twenty-four of each giving me one hundred and forty-four in total!  Before the fair I really didn’t know how much I should make, I didn’t want to have lots of left overs but equally I didn’t want to sell out too early.  At the end of the day I was left with 24 cupcakes, which really was’t too bad at all and my friends and family were delighted to take the free leftovers off my hands.

food fair 3

A food fair is more for promotion than making a profit but, although I haven’t done all of the calculations yet, I think I have covered my costs with a tiny bit extra!

So the 100th recipe is on hold for today but check back tomorrow for a delicious summer recipe for you all to enjoy.  (hint – there is no baking involved :))