Sugar Paste Flower Tutorial

As promised yesterday, today I’m bringing you a sugar paste flower tutorial.  These flowers are not super realistic but they are pretty and straightforward enough to make that they should make a solid first step on the road to sugar-craft.  Which is exactly the stage I’m at!  As I’m starting to expand my cake baking repertoire and starting to take some cake orders I really want to learn more about sugar craft, so I thought why not take my readers along for the journey too.  Hopefully this way we can all learn something.

 flower 22

Firstly you need to get all of your equipment together.
1. Cornflour; 2. Kitchen roll/paper towel; 3. Small rolling pin; 4. Foam mat; 5. Couple of brushes; 6. Skewer; 7. Non-Stick Mat; 8. Flower Cutters; 9. Edible Glue; 10. Food colouring (I used Wilton Gel Colour); 11. Mini paper cases; 12. Craft knife; 13.Ball modelling tool; 14. Sugar Paste

flower 1

As you’ll see form above I get most of my equipment from Hobbycraft and Lakeland as they both have shops where I live, but online is probably the cheapest option for most things.  Cake Decorating Store kindly sent me a couple of the products used in this post. 

 The first step is to colour your sugar paste.  I do this slowly so I can control the end result. 

flower 2

flower 3

 You need three shades of pink for these flowers.  I coloured three balls of paste, each about the size of a walnut, but it really depends on how many flowers you want to make.

flower 4

flower 5

 I suggest storing the icing in an airtight box whilst you are not working with it, so it doesn’t dry out too much.

flower 6

Start with the lightest colour.  Dust the non-stick mat with a little cornflour an roll out the sugar paste to about 3mm thick.

flower 7

 Using your larger flower cutter, cut out a few flowers.  I was only making 6 in total.

flower 8

 Punch them out on to the modelling mat.

flower 9

Take one of the flower cut outs and, using the large end of the ball tool dusted lightly in cornflour, start gently rolling out the petals.  Begin at the centre and make small circular motions outwards.  Push out in to the petal shape, the petals will be getting slightly bigger and thinner.  With the ball half on the flower and half on the mat, using a bit of pressure, roll along the edge of the petal, this will create the slight ruffled edges.

flower 10

flower 11

Place the petals in to the cases to harden, which will given them a curved from.

 flower 12

Do the same with the second colour but don’t roll it out quite as big as the first one.

flower 13

Pick up the smaller of the flowers and paint a spot of edible glue in the centre of the flower.  Stick the smaller flower on to the larger one, making sure the petals don’t allign.  Place the flower back in to the mini cake case to dry.

flower 14

flower 15

 Using the darkest sugar paste colour, cut out smaller flowers and using the same technique roll it out until it’s thin and the petal edges are slightly ruffled.

flower 16

flower 17

Glue this in to the larger flower, again making sure the petals don’t line up with the petals below.

flower 18

To make the centre of the flower, colour a small piece of sugar paste yellow.  Roll it out in to a tiny ball.  Stick the yellow centre in to the flower with a small drop of glue.  Using the skewer flatten and add texture to the yellow centre.

flower 19

flower 20

And you’re done!  Leave then to dry out and harden for a couple of hours before using them on top of a cake of cupcakes, such as this delicious strawberry cake from yesterday.

flower 22

flower 21

 flower 23


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