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 dougnuts 1


This week I’m loving doughnuts.  Mostly in anticipation of my trip to Manchester this weekend, and what do they have in Manchester?  Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  Y.U.M.  They are my absolute favourite doughnuts and I can’t wait to get my paws on a box of three.  Two simple glazed and one raspberry filled.  I have a simple doughnut palette but simple is best in this case.

That fine looking doughnut above was made my me, using this recipe.  I tackled the challenge of frying them, and it wasn’t as scary or stressful as I expected!  They are cake doughnuts, rather than the yeasted variety, that’s the next challenge!

Churros in doughnut form? Gimme!

These pretty raspberry doughnuts would be lovely for a summer picnic. (p.s. I love the look of these mini cherry pies too

Loving everything about these ombre doughnuts.  The boxes and labels are super cute.

Nutella doughnuts.  Enough said!