Mid-week Moment


1/ Pumpkin Recipes // Pumpkin season is upon us and I can’t wait to get baking, especially this pumpkin salted caramel snickerdoodle bar…all good things in one place!  I have my first pumpkin recipe coming up on Friday.

2/ Trip to London // I’ve just booked a short holiday to London next month and I can’t wait!  It should be just starting to get all Christmas-y.  I can buy some macarons, watch some tennis, go to a show, yay!

3/ Skull Jumper //  I love this cashmere skull sweater in a recent post over on Cupcakes and Cashmere (one of the very first blogs I started following religiously).  Emily always looks amazing but this outfit is so mad that it works, and I love the ‘controverial’ neon hat too.

4/ My New Camera // Don’t worry, I’m not posting about Christmas…yet, I’m excited to be using my new DSLR camera for my posts from now on.  The first was here, I hope there is an improvement from the camera phone pictures, but I still need a lot of practice.  This was me getting started on this years Christmas cake.

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