Strawberry Week – Cairnie Fruit Farm


This coming week is going to be filled with lots of strawberry recipes to mark the start of the British strawberry season.  I’m not a gardening expert but I know about weather and it has been fairly cold and wet here this year, slowing down the growth of fruit, veg and flowers.  This weekend was gorgeous though, perfect for strawberry picking!


On Saturday I visited Cainie Fruit Farm a brilliant place with a farm shop, cafe and a huge  outdoor childrens area between Newburgh and Cupar in Fife.  Of course, we visited the cafe first which is filled with all sorts of homemade strawberry cakes and desserts.  I had a super scrumptious strawberry tart – one of my favourite strawberry treats – which I will be making this week, along with…

Strawberry & Apricot Baked Oatmeal

Strawberry Lime Frozen Yogurt (which is healthy, to balance out what’s to come)

Strawberries & Cream Cupcakes

And finally the Strawberry Tarts (getting around to making the trip-to-Paris inspired Julia Child recipe)


Powered up by lunch we went off to tackle the strawberry picking.


As it’s so early in the season the only fruits that are ripe at the moment are strawberries but  in the next couple of months there will be gooseberries, blackberries and cherries so I will definitely be back again.