My Favourite Cookbooks

I am becoming a fiend for cookbooks.  If I had the space I would have many more but sadly, or happily for my wallet,  sharing a flat means I’m confined to one shelf.


Often I’m bad for being enticed by the pretty pictures and fancy layout but the books below I find myself going back to again and again and have definitely been value for money, although looking at them now I realise only bought myself one of them!


The Crabapple Bakery Cupcake Cookbook
Jennifer Graham

This is the cookbook that really started it all, in particular my obsession with cupcakes! It was a birthday (maybe my 2oth, but it was clearly so long ago I forget) present from one of my best friends and provided me with my favourite vanilla cupcake recipe.  Peoples reaction to these little cakes helped me realise that I was actually quite a good baker and that I want to bake for a living…so an important book all in all!

Favourite Recipe: Vanilla Cupcakes/Coconut Cupcakes


Delia’s Complete Cookery Course
Delia Smith

Delia Smith is my mums cooking hero, almost everything she makes is from a Delia book and every Christmas day is scheduled using ‘Delia Smith’s Christmas’ (I don’t know how we  haven’t memorised the whole book by now!)  These three books were borrowed/stolen from my mum, because she also has a copy of all three volumes in one hardback so there is no way she will miss them.  They cover all the basics from sauces to soups, cakes to casseroles – no kitchen is complete without at least one Delia book!

Favourite Recipe: Too many to choose really but the Potatoes Dauphinoise is scrumptious.


The Joy the Baker Cookbook
Joy Wilson

Still quite a new addition to my collection but it’s becoming one of the most used already.  I love Joy’s style of writing and all of the recipes I’ve tried so far have turned out great.   As breakfast is my favourite meal, the entire chapter dedicated to it makes me very happy – so many pancake recipes!

Favourite Recipe:  Blueberry Orange & Almond Pancakes (but it changes all the time)


The Colour Book of Chocolate Cooking
Judy Ridgway

This book reminds me of my childhood and it contains the recipe for my first signature cake (just look at the cake splatters on the recipe page, it’s safe to say I made this cake a lot).  First published in the late seventies, my mothers copy is from the eighties, the images and recipes are a little dated but chocolate is still chocolate, and the recipes are still tasty.  I remember when I was in first year of secondary school and chose to do a Home Economics food project on chocolate (obviously) and pretty much plagiarised this books introduction for my essay!

Favourite Recipe:  Chocolate Orange Cake


The Gentle Art of Cookery
Mrs. C. F. Leyel & Olga Hartley

I adore this book but I’m sorry to say I’ve yet to make something from it.  Again, it was a gift from a friend.  It is a really beatiful book, flicking through the pages is such a treat and I love the no nonsense style of the writing.  Also, it has an entire chapter dedicated to almonds, what’s not to love!

Favourite Recipe:  I don’t have one yet but I really want to make the French Orangage

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