Chocolate & Peanut Butter Crepe Cake


My grand plan was to have this post up for you on the morning of the 28th – so you were all set for Pancake Day – but a sick kitty foiled my plans.  Howevever, I now bring you something to do with all of those left over crepes you have lying around (yeah, right!) and my cat Enzo seems to be on the mend.  It’s all good!

I was asked to create a recipe using a crepe maker for, which got me thinking….other than the perfect crepe recipe, which a brain much brighter than mine has already created, what on earth can I do.  After some Pinterest seaching (where would we be without it!), I stumbled across the world of crepe cakes. (more…)


Maison Blanc Easter Biscuits

lemon and poppyseed shortbread 2

Almost a year ago, I entered a blogger Easter biscuit competition run by a London based patisserie called Maison Blancpost here.  They were simple, but delicious, lemon and poppy seed shortbread biscuits with pastel royal icing decoration to look a bit like pretty speckled eggs.  Well, they won that competition and were on sale in the Maison Blanc shops in and around London!  (more…)


Inshriach Nursery & Tearoom – Guest Post


Today I am delighted to welcome my friend and co-baking club runner Susan from Mess in the Ness.  Susan and I met up after I moved back to Inverness last year because we had both been members of baking clubs in our previous cities and were looking to do the same in Inverness.  So far Let’s Bake has been a great success and I have a new foodie friend to go on cake road trips with!  Over to you Susan.

There’s nothing quite like a Saturday drive in the sunshine down to the Cairngorms, for the purpose of eating cake! That’s what Kirsty and I did this month – about an hours drive from Inverness is one of the top 10 cake shops in the UK (according to the Guardian). Tucked away about 5 miles from Aviemore, Inshriach Nursery and Potting Shed Tearoom is a little oasis of flowers, cakes, birds and squirrels.  I’ve actually posted about Inshriach before – I visited last summer (note: shameless bit of self promotion here) so knew it was a great little spot.

A thing to note is that it really is a cakeshop – there are no lunch options available, just cake to accompany your choice of hot or cold drink. My tip is to grab lunch in Aviemore, and build up to an afternoon cake stop by walking round Loch Morlich or Loch an Eilein first!

As well as usual café tables and chairs, there is also a high-rise bar with stools that you can watch the birds and red squirrels feasting on nuts, lard and fruit. It’s a feast for the eyes as well as the tummy!


On to more important things though – our choices of cake! There was about 10 choices of cake when we arrived (including a couple of wheat free choices). It was really hard to make a choice but I eventually went for the Black Cherry Cake: 3 thin layers of vanilla sponge sandwiching some whipped cream and tasty black cherries. (more…)

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Neapolitan Macarons


Macarons are turning in to one of my favourite things to bake.  Once you get the technique down they are really quite easy and they always look so adorable and eye-catching!  These Neapolitan (it’s ridiculous how often I misspell that word!) Macarons are the epitome of cute food.  They would be great for a girlie get together or afternoon tea and the classic Italian flavour work great together.

I was curious about the whole Neapolitan thing so I turned to Google and Wikipedia (…where else?) for some information.  Neapolitan mean ‘of or pertaining to Naples’, which makes sense, and  it seems that it was brought to the USA by Italian immigrants in the mid 1800s.  I must confess I’m not crazy about the traditional ice cream variety but last year I baked a strawberry, vanilla and chocolate layer cake for my second cousins Christening and it really did taste delicious. (more…)


Valentine’s Biscuits (with a twist!) – Guest Post


Today I would like to welcome my very first guest blogger to Ever So Sweet!  Thanks to the wonders of Facebook I have discovered a fellow northern foodie in Melanie from Melanie’s Food Adventures.  Pop on over to her blog for lots of family cooking inspiration and delicious looking treats – her most recent post for Maple Pecan Bars sounds delicious!  As soon as Melanie suggested oyster shaped biscuits for Valentine’s Day I knew that was the one.  It made me chuckle and is a great alternative to pink, red and hearts.  So…over to Melanie for the recipe!

I’ve had so much fun making these, I genuinely smiled while baking them! Thank you to Kirsty for asking me to write a piece for her blog, I’ve loved baking these!!


 Perhaps I should start with a little bit about me & my blog. My name is Melanie, and I live in a small village in Aberdeenshire with my husband and 3 year old son. Last year I decided I start my blog, after getting to the stage where I worried that I was boring friends on Facebook with all my baking pictures! So I decided to create somewhere where I could record everything and let people visit who had an equal love of baking (and sprinkles!). (more…)


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